Sept 2012– Officially starting charting and TTC

Oct 2012- Got married!!

Dec 2012– Start acupuncture after reading the benefits while TTC

Feb 2012– M gets SA and I talk to OB-gyn about meeting with a RE

March 2013– First appointment with Dr. L., lots of bloodwork and HSG.

  • SA Results show low motility and morphology
  • HSG- All clear
  • AMH 2.8
  • LH 8.5, FSH 8.59
  • Prolactin 22.0
  • TSH 8.25

April 2013- Start Synthroid (50mcg) for hypothyroidism, Dr. L. recommends IVF w/ ICSII

May 2013– First  IUI (Clomid and Ovidrel)= BFN

June 2013– TSH 4.0 – increased Synthroid to 100mcg. BCP then antagonist protocol for first IVF.

July 2013- First IVF. Transferred 2 blastocysts, Froze 2. BFN.

August 2013– Natural cycle= BFN. Begin BCP for suppression

September 2013- IVF #2. Transferred 3 morulas. Nothing to freeze.

October 2013– BFP with twins!

February 2014– Baby B became an angel

May 2014– Baby A was born.

May 2015– Back to the RE for #2.

  • SA Results show low motility and morphology
  • Saline Sonogram- All clear
  • AMH 3.66
  • LH 6, FSH 5.9
  • Prolactin 6.36
  • E2 37.5
  • TSH 2.9

July– FET#1= BFP!

August 2015–  Miscarriage.

October 2015- IVF #3=BFN with no freeze. Double whammy.

December 2015- FET #2- BFN

May 2016-IVF #4=BFP. Pregnancy in undetermined location. Methotrexate shot.



5 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Hi,
    Did you take any therapy like ivig etc to suppress tpo antibodies and help with implantation? Or just the synthyroid was enough. My issues are similar to yours and I have recently failed second ivf. Trying to find people like me who had success with ivf.

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