I posted a week or so ago about my FSH:LH being off (as in not 1:1, but more like 2.5:1). My AFC on CD7 was 13. I didn’t have it done on CD3 so not sure how accurate that is, but just got my AMH back and it’s 2.70 ng/mL.

Given my age, I don’t think that my AMH is bad. But looking at my crap FSH  (FSH- 8.5
LH- 3.7 ). I am wondering if it is possible that even though I have eggs left, they are just crap or my body is lazy and making them takes a lot of work.

I know I am a poor responder and it takes a lot of meds to get my follicles to grow. So frequent IVFers, is there anything I should be taking to help to get them to grow? Mind you, I am already taking DHEA (50mg) Ubiquinol (300mg)and Melatonin (5mg), along with the pre-natals and Vitamin D (which by the way, finally got up to 40ng/m!! That is the highest it’s ever been-is it weird that I am proud of that?)

I am thinking of ordering royal jelly and adding that in now in hopes that it will also help.


Thank-you, Starbucks!

I am going to assume that my almost daily venti skim caramel macchiato (up until two weeks ago anyway) had something to do with the fact that my vitamin D level wasn’t in the tank! The ironic thing is I don’t like regular coffee or milk, but throw some caramel in there…yum!

After about 5 calls to get my lab results faxed, I finally have the results from last week.

Reference Range: 30-100 ng/mL

My results : 30.7 ng/mL

Whew! I just made the “normal” cut. From what I’ve read, the optimal level is around 35-50ng/mL.

So even though I’ve had to cut out my trips to Starbucks, I think my levels should increase a little now that I am taking a Vitamin D supplement.

Note to self: Ask Dr. L if I can have swing by Starbucks after the retrieval.

IVF Roller Coaster

M and I have been standing in line for a little while now and tomorrow we finally get on the roller coaster!

 Today, I spoke with the specialty pharmacy to confirm final OOP costs and delivery of my meds. Total costs came to $340, which is not as bad as I expected, and they will be here tomorrow! Our bathroom is going to look like a pharmacy!

I take my last birth control pill tonight and go in for my “pre-IVF” b/w and u/s tomorrow morning. I’m not 100% sure what hormones they are testing, but I bet they will do another pregnancy test. I’ve also asked them to add TSH to the orders since I upped my Synthroid since last time. I’m curious to see what that is. I don’t feel different so I am not sure it’s much lower. I will get the results sometime in the afternoon and hopefully the “all clear” to start stims on Friday.

 Tomorrow afternoon, I meet my new Endocrinologist. I think I will request a full panel, including another check of my TPOab and possibly Vitamin D levels.  There is a pretty strong correlation between people with elevated TPOab levels and Vitamin D deficiency and also Vitamin D deficiency and lower pregnancy rates. I want to make sure we are doing everything we can to increase our odds.

More to follow tomorrow!