Down to 4dp5dt

Over the weekend I started keeping notes of how I was feeling.

1dp5dt- Sooo very sleepy. I could have napped this afternoon. That and pretty irritable. It’s been a long week!

2dp5dt- I was not as tired as yesterday but still sleepy, luckily I was able to sneak in a nap. I also had a few AF like cramps. 100% progesterone related. I tested and it looks like the trigger is almost gone. M and I talked and I told him I would be 100% surprised if I’m pregnant. He said he thinks I’m pregnant with twins. He’s delusional.

3dp5dt- Not many “symptoms”. My boobs feel full and I’m cranky. Again, pretty much can chalk this up to progesterone. I don’t mean to sound pestimistic but I am still feeling like I’m not pregnant. And in a weird way I’m not crushed. I am having a hard time envisioning Boo and Pumpkin growing. Is that bad? I don’t feel as connected to them or the idea of them right now.

4dp5dt- A slight headache but no cramps to report. TMI- my boobs are tingling. I’ve been testing out the trigger every other day to try to help not test so often this time. I almost didn’t today because I figured it would be negative and too early to see a real BFP. But I did anyway. I wish I tested last time to figure out how long it stays in my system. Today is 11 day past the trigger. I know it can last up to 12-14 so we are still waiting it out. I am a little more hopeful and excited. Maybe there’s a chance the line will be darker in a few days.


Am I Part Sea Turtle?

Because after I heard I have 42 follicles today, that’s what I feel like!! Can you say holy shit?? Now I know not all 42 follicles will produce mature eggs but again holy shit. The good news is that I have 15 larger follicles ranging from 20-11.7mm, my estrogen is up to 1921 and my lining was about 12mm.

M came with me today- I have to say I love when he gets to see the follies and is amazed by how big they are now. I go back tomorrow and pray that we get the go ahead to trigger.