Everything Is In Overdrive

Today started off crappy…I woke up sweaty and within a few minutes of getting out of bed, my heart was pounding. After showering and getting ready for work, I was still having heart palpitations and hot flashes. No bueno. Something was wrong and I think I knew what it was. My lazy thyroid felt left out and needed attention. Thankfully, I was headed back to the clinic for blood work and an ultrasound, so I would have them test my TSH while I was there.

I managed to finish getting ready in slow mode and it was time for M to shoot me up with stupid Ganirelix. I prepped the needle and as I was handing it off to M, I dropped it. After some choice curse words, we looked at the damage. If you haven’t seen IVF injectables, the stimming needles are thin and flimsy. The needle was severely bent. Eff me. This is the last syringe I had left!! I had no choice but to straighten it out the best I could. I rubbed it off with alcohol and told M just to get it over with. I’ve learned to ice before and after the shot to make it bearable. It still hurt. I started tearing up.

On my way out the door, I managed to knock a glass of water over. That was my fine straw. I know how dumb that sounds that a simple knocked over glass could be upsetting, but at the moment I was tired of rushing to the dr, tired of feeling like crap, and tired of injections and blood work.

My crappy start continued as I battled rush hour in the rain. I was late. That meant I would be late to work too. Whatever, I didn’t care at this point.

Blood work is blood work. I won’t bore you with the details. I was able to see my favorite u/s tech today. She totally made my morning. She told me I had beautiful follicles. She tells me this every time I see her, but you know what…sometimes you take what you can get when you are having shitty day. After the u/s, she had me with with another nurse to go over trigger instructions “just in case”. I wanted to hug her. And I may have teared up again.

Fast forward to late this afternoon, I finally got in touch with my nurse. Guess what? We are triggering tonight!!! Woo-freaking-hoo!!! Here are the numbers from today:

Estrogen: 3198 (huge jump!)

Follicles: 21, 19 (2), 18 (3), 17, 16 (2), 14 (my little turtles got the message!)

TSH: 0.037 (No wonder! I am lowering my meds back down to 75mcg now)

So even though my heart may be pounding and it is uncomfortable to bend over/sit/cough/essentially move, I know that tonight will be my last shot of this cycle!!


Post Trigger

Last night around 10pm, I decided it was time to get the trigger over with. The nurse said I should trigger anytime from 6pm to midnight. Once you trigger with Ovidrel (that’s the medicine in the shot), you can ovulate anywhere from 36-44 hours later. Once you ovulate, your egg survives for only 12-24 hours. Washed sperm can live 24-72hrs, but starts to lose potency after 24hrs.

So, I tried to time it the best I could knowing all of this. Trigger at 10pm on Sunday and IUI at 11:45am on Tuesday- that’s just shy of 38 hrs. I can only hope that ovulate right before or right after the IUI.

After I figured out the timing, I was ready to get the shot over with. I told M it was time-he started to get nervous and wanted to watch the tutorial again. The plan was for M to give me the shot, or at least I thought. When it came down to it, he couldn’t do it. He said he didn’t want to hurt me. I reassured him, I’ve been poked and prodded more in the last month than ever before, this wasn’t going to hurt. Nonetheless, he couldn’t do it.

Ugh. So I had to do it. I was nervous too- am I picking a good spot on my stomach, did I get all of the air bubbles out, did I waste too much medicine when I got the air bubbles out?

I stood there for about five minutes hesitating…it’s hard to jab yourself in the stomach! The needle didn’t hurt, it was the anticipation of doing it. I told M, he is going to have to get over this if we have to do IVF. Have I mentioned, I really don’t want to do IVF.

This morning I had cramps like AF was on her way and felt a little blah (sick, bloated, etc). I also got a peak on the fertility monitor. So a aside from few side effects, I feel good knowing, A. I didn’t manage to kill myself with air bubbles, and B. I got enough of the meds to kick start ovulation.

Today can’t go by fast enough- bring on the IUI!