Introducing Fuzzy

Thaw rate was 95-100%. The RE said we couldn’t do better there. He also said the meds are clearly working for me since my uterus looked great. Why thank you, sir.

Without further adieu, here is Fuzzy- named given his/her appearance.

I think before it was frozen, it was an AB or BA. Unfortunately, once they are graded and frozen they aren’t given grades when thawed. Just thawing percentages.

M and I have never had “pretty” embryos so I’m trying not to get all judgy about Fuzzy.

Instead I hope he/she gets nice and cozy.


Transfer Complete

I took a sleeping pill last night to help me get some sleep. At 11:30pm I woke up in a panic because H wasn’t next to me. Of course she wasn’t, she was in her crib where I put her 3 hours ago.

Anyway, the rest of the night was fine but I woke up around 5am. Around 7:30am, Dr.L called. He always asks how I’m doing before getting into things. I usually tell him my answer depends on his news.

We had 5 embryos still chugging along. I was shocked. There were 2 clear leaders, one was a blastocysts and the other was a compacting morula. The other 3 were a little slower. After a lot of thought and discussion, we decided to transfer the 2 leaders. We will wait and watch the other 3 to see if they continue to grow and are a high enough quality to freeze. I will be pleasantly surprised if they are.

After the transfer, I went home and worked. M picked H up and has been taking care of her. In fact, he’s currently upstairs reading a book to her and making ridiculous animal noises. He’s funny about the transfer, he tells me not to pick H up and to basically just lay around. It doesn’t happen often so I will gladly listen.

Without much further ago, please meet Boo and Pumkpin (in the spirit of Halloween)!  

And if you’ve never seen a transfer, this is what it looks like. The bright white line is the outer catheter. The RE sticks the embryo in an even thinner catheter and place that in the outer catheter. Then they push the embryos out with a drop of the media they were in. The transfer is That’s the little flash of white you see at the tip.

Hopefully they get nice and snug! 

Hatch & Latch Day

It’s finally here!!

So far it’s been more or less like every other morning. Wake up at 6:30 and start the day! H is taking her morning nap, M is home today since we need to leave the house around 12:30 to head to the clinic and I’ve been working a little. Transfer time is scheduled for 2pm, but I need to get there 30 mins beforehand to check in and all of that.

I am not really sure how I feel….I still haven’t thought much about it. I guess I am excited about the idea of going to “pick” up Olo (our little one) and there actually be a chance of it working. I am trying to be positive and hope he/she gets cozy and does the whole hatch and latch thing!

Whether you pray, wish, hope, beg or plead, we would love some positive thoughts today!

Take 2- Fertilization Report- Day 2

I had to wait until 1:30pm to get an update! Ugh. I feel like since I’ve gone through this once before my clinic is a little less hands on. I know right now everything is out of my control, as well as the staff’s, but I’d still like some updates before noon!

Anyway, here is the latest. :

2 one cells (arrested)
3 two cells
2 three cells
2 four cells
1 five cells
1 seven cells
1 eight cells

The nurse said overall the quality looked good with little to no fragmenting. I will get a call tomorrow with the grading, as well as my transfer time on Sunday (day 5 transfer). What was weird is that my nurse had a really nice positive tone to her voice. If you remember, I am pretty sure she doesn’t like me. But I will take that as a good sign.

I am still sore and bloated, but at least sitting is less uncomfortable. Walking, laying on my back or having a full bladder is a different story.

As far as my emotional/mental state- I am much more calm and grounded this time. I don’t know if it’s self preservation mode or what. I want this to work, but I can not get too hopeful or put myself in a position to be devastated again. I know that a top grade blastocyst and a 60% chance of success means absolutely nothing.

I found this quote and hope to remember it through the TWW to help keep me sane

9-26-2013 2-57-41 PM


M and I were at the clinic waiting to get the report. Dr. L came out and told us that we would have to try again because nothing made it to Day 5. I looked at him and asked if he was kidding and told him it was a mean joke. He wasn’t kidding and started talking about the next steps. M wasn’t interested in doing it again and I just started crying.

Then I woke up. Ugh, it was only 2am. I still had another 5 hours before I would know how our baseball team was doing!

M and I drove separately because I had set up acupuncture appointments before and after the transfer. On my way in, my phone rang and my heart stopped. I knew it was Dr L. What I didn’t know was what he was going to tell me….2 hours before the transfer. I picked up and told him I hoped he only had good news for me. He did. All 9 embryos made it! Some naturally slowed down, but thats expected. We had two early blastocysts, one grade A (Seamus) and one grade B (Schatzi). We could transfer those, and keep an eye on the rest. Dr. L suspects we will have one more to freeze. I called M and told him the news. After I told him, I said you don’t sound happy. He said I was scared because you called. I guess it’s normal not to want to get a call that early on such a big day.

M and I got to check out the blastocysts before the transfer. You could totally tell the difference between the A and B, but the Dr. on call said that he thinks that the B will become an A later today, it was just a little slower to develop.

The transfer itself went well. We waited the 5 minutes then we were discharged with instructions- bed/couch rest for 24 hours, light activity (but no sex or orgasm) for the next 4 days. Before we left, the team gave us what I hope to be the first of many baby pictures.


I went to my second acupuncture session and M headed home and picked up lunch on the way. He had to go to work later, but before he left he told me to relax and be a good incubator. He has a way with words, huh? Believe me, I am encouraging Seamus and Schatzi to stay put!

For the first time in my life, I am pregnant…until proven otherwise. Now we just wait!