Results Are Trickling In….

So far no major surprises.

M’s count is up (good) but motility and morphology are the same (bad). IUI is out of the question, which I sort of figured.

The only test that came back for me so far was Vitamin D and that is low. So, I need to start extra supplements again. When the nurse called about that, I asked how long the AMH test usually takes (I know it takes a little longer) and she said usually a week. But she pointed out, if we do a FET it won’t really matter. I love her optimism.

I have my CD3 blood work schedule for Sunday (Happy Mother’s Day to me?) and our follow-up meeting with Dr. L for the end of the month. That means fingers crossed, I can start to cycle in June. As in next month.

I have a feeling the next few weeks will fly by since we have H’s birthday coming up. I’ve been in full planning mode and may have a slight addiction to Etsy and Pintrest.

Happy Friday!!


Tests, test, and more tests

When women are trying to get pregnant, they always talk about the dreaded two week wait (TWW). This is the time after they ovulate and are anxiously wait to take a pregnancy test.

Well, this month the TWW was more of the two weeks of testing.
M had another SA and we both had bloodwork done. Basically to test for immunities and STDs. Today, since it’s cd4, I went it for my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound.

Remember when Dr. L said the HSG would be the hardest part, he was wrong. The ultrasound sucked. It’s not the kind of ultrasound you see on TV, where they put it on your belly. No, this went in you. The tech said I have a tilted uterus and would feel pressure when she went to the left side. She was right. Dear lord, it was uncomfortable. The cool part was that she walked through it with me and counted how many follicles I had (19 if you are curious).

We should have all of the results soon and hopefully the all clear to move forward with the IUI in May.

But today, I am not going to think about it. I have family in town and get to spend the day with my nieces at the zoo.

All clear!

Talk about stress!

Last week, my boss decided that I should go on a very last minute trip to Texas- the same day as my HSG. My boss has no clue about my bun in the oven plans. As far as he knew, I would just be working from home in the morning and then head to the airport in the afternoon.

By 6am, I was out the door and on the way to my HSG appointment.  After signing a consent form, forking over a hefty chunk of change and waiting about 3o mins, my name was finally called. This was no regular doctor’s appointment. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t this.  A nurse took me back, explained the procedure and instructed me to use the restroom, where I would provide a urine sample. For a pregnancy test. We could have skipped that part, I can assure you I wasn’t pregnant.

Next stop was the procedure room. I needed to disrobe completely and put on a gown and booties, and sit on the table. It was pretty identical to the tables at the ob-gyn, but I swear these stirrups were higher.  Anyway, the nurse comes in….followed by Dr. L. Ugh! Totally caught off-guard by that!

The nurse gives me the “scoot down” command that we all have heard and dread, meanwhile Dr. L. is asking if I had a nice weekend. I mutter something and am completely awkward.  I can’t talk about my weekend, when a man I met a week ago has his head between my legs about  to shoot dye up me.

The procedure took all of 5 minutes maybe, and everything looked good. Normal uterus and open tubes. Dr. L. said I got an A+ and that would be the “hardest” part of testing. Fine by me!!

I kid you not, after the Dr. and nurse left, I sat up, stuck the “blanket” they use to cover you between my legs and waddled to the dressing area. Gravity, my friends, what goes up must come down. I will leave it at that.