All’s Quiet

I haven’t posted in a while because there hasn’t been much to post about. 

Over Labor Day weekend, M and I spend some quality time with my family which was nice.  Once we returned,  we knew we would have to put on our IVF hats/blinders/tough skin or whatever it is we do to deal with the emotional and physical aspects of another cycle. 

I’ve been taking Lupron since last Tuesday. The first few days it really messed up my stomach, but since then I haven’t had any side effects besides some night sweats, but it’s still hot as hell so maybe not even a side effect. I also stopped the pill last Thursday which means fake AF showed over the weekend. 

Today was my suppression check and final endo biopsy. The ultrasound showed roughly 7 follicles on the right side and 8 on the left, and a very thin lining. Next was the biopsy. I love my Dr, I really do. But today I was so close to kicking him in the face and cursing. So time to compare notes- those who have had a biopsy done, have you noticed TMI old blood specs mixed in with your CM for like the next week and a half?? This happened to me last time, I am assuming it’s just healing?

Since everything looked good and my bloodwork was perfect I got the green light to start stims today! Woohoo!!

Two things to note with the cycle. 

1. I am doing a Lupron Stop protocol. When I asked Dr. L about the main difference and why he wants to try this he told me we weren’t successful with the Antagonist protocol. He is hoping that by tweaking the protocol, my egg maturity and quality will be better and my lining will be better. Sounds good to me! 

2. I am started off on a higher dose of Bravelle. 112 iui. Each vial is 75iui, so there is a little more measuring and mixing this time around. My nurse had to explain it twice to me. Maybe I will take a video for all those non IVF followers 🙂 

I go back on Saturday morning for my first monitoring appointment. I really hope that I don’t end up stimming for 12 days again. Although I guess it doesn’t really matter how many days you stim for because by the time you are ready to trigger you feel like shit. 

Happy Stimming!! 




Never Ending Stimming Phase

That’s right folks! Looks like I will be stimming for at least another three days!The nurse suspects we will trigger Thursday or maybe Friday. Ugh! Is this slow growth going to affect the quality of my eggs???? And if it does,  are we screwed for the transfer too??

Effing ridiculous. I am mad at my follicles. They have one job (with medical assistance I might add) and they are taking their sweet old time. My sister has dubbed them baby turtles. Slow and steady.


I suppose this is the part that ladies have talked about when whatever you think is going to happen in your cycle, won’t. Something will come up and throw you for a loop.

Today is day 12 of stims and here’s whats going on-

Estrogen: 1941

Follicles: 18mm (2), 17mm, 16mm, 15mm (3), 13mm (2), and 9mm. A grand total of 10.

Dr. L has increased my Bravelle to 225iui. I have a theory, though. You know when people are pregnant and they resort to sex and exercise to induce labor? I’m assuming both of those things help increase blood flow to your pelvic area, so wouldn’t that help with encouraging follicle growth? We are going to find out tomorrow!