When It Rains

It pours!

Let me recap my week. 

Sunday night our hot water heater broke. It had some crazy leak and flooded the entire downstairs. Water is turned completely off.

Monday- M heads out of town for a work trip. Plumber comes and says the water heater needs to be replaced- it should be tomorrow. Contractors are at the house until 9:30 tearing up floors and putting fans down to dry things. Still no running water.

Tuesday- Harper wakes up with croup. We finally get water. 

Wednesday- At 4:45am I call 911 and have Harper taken to the hospital due to a febrile seizure. I canceled my beta and us so I can monitor H all day and get extra cuddles. This was the scariest day of my life. I cut back on my meds and am lightly spotting even though my tests are still as dark if not slightly darker.

Thursday- I used my last test before my appointment today and got this-

The top was Monday, middle was Tuesday and bottom was today. I didn’t test yesterday FMU. 

I’m still lightly spotting but based in this test I took progesterone.

I have no idea what the hell is going on but IF this pregnancy is successful it would be a damn miracle with the amount of stress and lack of medicine this week! 

Roughly 3 hours to find out where things stand! 


Damn’d Spot(ting)

Everything is going well. Then I start spotting last Thursday. My heart was racing while I texted M. He is calm and says call the Dr. 

I know there is nothing they can do but I’m hoping for another beta. I called my nurse on the verge of tears. She is like a mother, a little older and so calm and has such a nurturing tone. “I’m not surprised at all!” I freak out. She continues to say spotting, especially with using 4 suppositories a day, is pretty normal. She said she has a good feeling and isn’t concerned at all. I feel a little better. I took the CBE estimator test a few hours later and got a “3+” on it. I was relieved.

I went two whole days without testing or freaking out. Until I had some spotting again today. This time I’m pretty calm. Although not calm enough not to take a test. 

I’m trying to relax again. I have slight cramps and am nauseous.  

I hope the next two days go by as fast as possible so I can finally get a glimpse of Olo! 

Learning Curve

I am still learning how to be pregnant.

I feel like I struggle to eat. Very little sounds good and get bored of the same stuff. The problem is if I don’t eat, I feel like crap. And little things like snacks are just an effort. I swear I don’t mean to be whiney, I just am lost on what to eat.

Since I take Synthroid, I am not supposed to eat or drink (anything besides water) for at least an hour after that. That’s not the best way to start the day. Yesterday I made the mistake of eating a big breakfast (mmm bagel with cream cheese and chocolate milk) so by the time lunch rolled around I wasn’t hungry. I forced myself to eat fruit and chips. Ok, so that’s not really healthy, but I just didn’t want anything. Anyway, it wasn’t good enough and neither were the stupid fiber one bar or yogurt I had as snacks since I ended up throwing up at the end of the day. Thankfully, I was one of the last people at work so no one was around to witness that.

After a fun filled day of work, I went home and later discovered I was bleeding/spotting. I freaked out and of course Dr. Google only provides so much comfort. There are so many sad unfair stories out about miscarriages. The spotting stopped and then started again this morning. This morning was especially fun since I puked in addition to worrying about the spotting. I called the OB’s office and was able to get an appointment.

The Dr. who saw me couldn’t find where the bleeding was coming from, but did a full scan of the babies (she kept calling them kiddos, sorta cute) and they looked fine. Both had good hbs and were measuring ok. Baby A measured exactly 10weeks with a hb of 162 and Baby B measured 9w4d with a hb of 176. I think I will create a new page for this stuff and pictures so it’s not in everyone’s faces.

Baby B is still smaller, but not anything crazy to be a red flag…yet. The Dr said we just need to keep a close eye on them. I told M Baby A is hogging all of the food.

Maybe I just have small babies? Or maybe I am not eating enough or good enough? I wonder if I can blame my thryoid? So many unknowns.


At least I walked out of the office knowing that today the babies look good. And a prescription for Zolfran.