Going into my retrieval today, I was thinking we would get 14-15 eggs. The last three cycles I had 16-17.

The retrieval was like all of the others. Check in, get weighed, undress, vitals are taken, IV is hooked up, bladder is emptied and then walk into the OR. Chit chat with the nurses, anesthesiologist and embryologist.

Wake up back in your bed and wait for the magic number. Twenty four? Did someone say twenty four?

I must have been sedated still. The nurse clarified for me. 11 eggs.

I was crushed. Are you kidding? I don’t understand. I mean, yeah we counted 11 and 12 follicles during the monitoring, but I always had more than what was counted.

I’m starting with 5 less than last time. A whole handful. I’m so scared to get tomorrow’s maturity and fertilization rate.

The only thing I can hope for is that most if not all are mature and will fertilize. If not, I may need a good cry, big glass of wine and then talk to my RE about doing a day 3 transfer.

We have a shitty attrition rate.

The last two cycles, we started with 16 eggs and only had  2-3 to transfer on day five with nothing to freeze.

Have I mentioned I’m scared? The next few days are going to be nerve wracking. I know there’s nothing I can do about any of it now, I guess I’m just still surprised with what we got…and worried about what the means for this cycle.


ER Eve

I’ve been sorta lazy about blogging about this cycle.

I don’t know it’s because I am tired at the end of the day trying  to balance work and family, or I just don’t have very high hopes and excitement this time.

My numbers looked decent at my last scan on Thursday and I got the go ahead to trigger. My ER is bright and early tomorrow morning so at least I won’t have to wait very long. Luckily my mom came up to take care of H tomorrow and Sunday. I can’t imagine I will feel like doing much, especially tomorrow.

I will forewarn the nurse that I am prone to anesthesia tears so there are no surprises. I guess I am hoping we get 8 eggs. I am trying to have low expectations given my numbers.

12 hours before we find out.

Retrieval Done!

I woke up early yesterday because I was anxious and couldn’t sleep. My ovaries hurt and I was convinced I was ovulating, so I took at OPK test. Hmph, it was lighter than it was the day before. Yes, I am neurotic like that. I know it’s unlikely that I ovulated, but it’s possible.

M and I had a rough start to the morning. I felt like he was taking his sweet old time! We planned to leave at 7:30am but didn’t get out of the house until 7:50, and then we disagreed on the best way to get there. The highlight of the hour long ride was when Dr. L called to wish us luck and said he would call tomorrow with the results. I really appreciated the call, and couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. Anyway, once we got to the office, M and I were back to normal. We checked in and waited for what felt like forever before we got called back.

Poor M was holding on to his sample since we got there. I think we both were worried they forgot about it and we were closing in on the 2 hr mark. I mean, his stuff is just as important as the retrieval- we sorta need them to collect it and prep it!

Once the lab came for that everything else fell into motion. I met with the anesthesiologist, a post recovery nurse, then finally the doctor. One last trip to the bathroom and I was off to the surgical room. I had to sit on the table and put my legs up in the stirrups, as I was doing this the anesthesiologist injected stuff into my IV and that was pretty much the last thing I remember.

I woke up when the nurse said my name and I think she told me how many eggs we got….and then I started crying. WTF. I am sure she wasn’t expecting that response! Ha, she asked if I wanted her to get my husband. Yes! I have no idea why or what I was saying, but I remember M wiping my eyes and saying you did good, now just rest. It took me a few minutes to get my thoughts together and then asked a very important question- “So, how many did we get???”

We ended up with 17 eggs! I feel so incredibly lucky. Unfortunately, we won’t know how many were mature or how many were fertilized until later today.

As far as the recovery, I took two percocet over the course of the day to help with the cramping. I think I should be okay with Tylenol now. The doctor said I could experience waves of cramping and some bleeding (luckily, I haven’t) but should feel better over the next few days and to just take it easy.

Of course, I barely slept last night in anticipation of call! Fertilize and grow strong my little eggs!




Time To Ramp It Up

On to day 6 of stims.  I am getting a little crampy and feeling blah. All I can think is that I am half way done with the shots.

With that in mind I have to tell you I am petrified of the retrieval. I absolutely hate the idea of being knocked out, spread eagle, and a needle going in my hoo ha. I get squeamish thinking about it. I thought maybe if I try to find out exactly how it’s done, I would feel better. I was wrong.

But while I was thinking about the retrieval, I started thinking about the transfer. That part I am excited about. I decided I am going to set up an acupuncture before and after the transfer. The place I am looking at will use the German protocol. Based on the study (published in the journal, Fertility and Sterility, in February of 2002), 160 women underwent routine IVF. Half of them were randomized to have acupuncture both before and after the embryo transfer and half were not. The results were also blinded to those who had acupuncture and those who didn’t. The acupuncture group had a pregnancy rate about 40% higher than the group that did not have acupuncture.

Um, yeah. I will take that chance even if it is another chunk of change.

My nurse just called- time to increase the meds. I guess I knew I wasn’t going to be that lucky. Seems my follicles are slow growers. Hopefully the extra dose will give them the extra boost they need!