Fake Ovulation Day

I had my lining check this morning and everything looked good. Tripled striped and 10.8mm. 

My nurse called this afternoon and gave me to go ahead to start PIO tonight. I will continue my daily regime of all my pills (synthroid, Prednisolone, baby aspirin, prenatals and vitamin d) and continue the estrogen shots every 3rd day as well. 

The first PIO shot wasn’t bad. Maybe I’m just used to the del estrogen shots? Although, I guess I will see how I feel in a few days.

We will get a call on Sunday with our transfer time!


Everything but the kitchen sink

I’ve been researching what I can do to possibly improve our odds this cycle when I stumbled on some studies that show that women with Hashimtotos who have taken  steroids during their cycle have improved pregnancy rates. 
So I asked my nurse about it. She double checked with Dr. L and we are going to throw Prednisolone into the mix this time. In theory, if my immune system is attacking my thyroid (which it is), perhaps it’s also attacking the transferred embryos? 

Since we are doing another FET, I will use PIO instead of endometrium. This will be the first time for that too. I’m a little nervous about it to be honest. I fully expect to have a bruised sore ass. 

As part of my now standard cycles, I requested an endometrial scatch. This time, Dr. L said he would send the sample to be biopsied to ensure there is no inflammation. This was the first time he’s ever mentioned that as a possibility. I don’t know if he saw something or as he put it “after everything we’ve been through, just want to make sure everything is good”. After the biopsy, I met with my nurse. We went over dates, meds and next steps. She said she would get the biopsy results in a week or so. I pressed her a little and if she thought Dr. L was concerned. She said like we discussed we are throwing everything but the kitchen sink into this cycle. If it turns out I have Endometritis, then I have to take antibiotics and then she tells me she’s had patients have a lot of success with Doxycycline. I was confused if my lining was inflamed wouldn’t the steroid take care of that? I asked her what would cause the inflammation. She said it could be a STD (um, really? ) or just a normal process. So of course the minute I left, I googled like crazy. 

Per NIH:

Endometritis is caused by an infection in the uterus. It can be due to chlamydia, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, or a mix of normal vaginal bacteria. It is more likely to occur after miscarriage or childbirth. It is also more common after a long labor or C-section.

The risk of endometritis is higher after having a pelvic procedure that is done through the cervix. Such procedures include:

  • D and C
  • Endometrial biopsy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Placement of an intrauterine device (IUD)

As part of the whole IVF process you have to get tested for STDs, so I’m in the clear there. Given in the last 5 months, I’ve had a biopsy, miscarriage, another biopsy, Hysteroscopy, a retrieval and  transfer- yeah I’d say that I’ve had a few procedures done through my cervix. 

If I had to guess after reading the symptoms, I don’t think my lining is inflamed. I guess we will find out and better to be safe than sorry. 

So there we have it. A few new things going on but for the time being, I’m still in the prep mode and won’t start shots for another 11 days. 

Deja Vu?

Sort of.

Sitting in traffic looking at the time. Rushing to get inside. Check in. Wait. Blood work. Undress from the waist down and wait. Sonogram. Get dressed and wait. Talk to the nurse and off I go.

Today was the pre-FET appointment. Everything went smoothly. I can only hope the whole cycle is like this!

Around 5pm, the nurse called and gave me the “ok” to start the delestrogen shots tonights. These are actually new to me. I am used to stims putting my ovaries in overdrive. Side note, the doctor who did my ultrasound today told me I have beautiful ovaries, it’s too bad we aren’t using them. Um, thanks for the compliment?

Anyway, everything looked fine…..except my *#$^@)* thyroid. My TSH went up to 3.7! Ugh, so I am going to get lab work tomorrow and calling my endo to see if I can get an appointment next week so she can give me a new prescription.

The estrogen shot is IM and every 3rd day. Not nearly as many shots for the FET so I am happy about that! The first one wasn’t bad, but I was nervous since I couldn’t tell when M was actually going to do it! I also found out that I will be using Endometrin rather than PIO. While I am happy, I am sorta nervous since PIO is the “gold standard” in FETs. I just hope it works as well!

Countdown until hatch & latch day= 18 days.

Mock Transfer & Saline Sonogram

I had my mock and saline sonogram as part of the FET prep the other day. All went well.

I am a bit off my game this time around, but I think it’s because I have H to keep my mind preoccupied. I thought they would just be doing a mock, but they also did a saline sonogram as well.

My lining looked perfect (triple stripped, woohoo) and I had a 19mm follicle on my left side, so the tech said I should ovulate by Thursday. Going based solely on my fertility calendar, I expected to ovulate Friday/Saturday, so I was a little surprised to hear she thinks I will ovulate earlier. But hey, that means a few days closer to starting the FET cycle. The Dr. and tech joked that I am in great shape to get pregnant and if it happens naturally they still want credit. I said I would have no problem giving them credit. It would be a damn miracle!

My clinic is also in the midst of conducting a FET sustainability study which I may be eligible to participate in. The study looks at the effectiveness of PIO vs Endometrin. There are 3 groups: all PIO, all Endometrin, and Endometrin & PIO. My nurse just emailed me to let me know she is double checking to see if I can participate since my protocol will require baby aspirin and folgard for MTHFR. I let her know that I am not currently taking that, but she said I would start during the FET cycle. I guess that makes sense since I did it for the fresh cycle last time.

I also am waiting to hear back from my Endo about my TSH. I suspect she will increase that to 50mcg since it’s still higher than we all would like.