When It Rains

It pours!

Let me recap my week. 

Sunday night our hot water heater broke. It had some crazy leak and flooded the entire downstairs. Water is turned completely off.

Monday- M heads out of town for a work trip. Plumber comes and says the water heater needs to be replaced- it should be tomorrow. Contractors are at the house until 9:30 tearing up floors and putting fans down to dry things. Still no running water.

Tuesday- Harper wakes up with croup. We finally get water. 

Wednesday- At 4:45am I call 911 and have Harper taken to the hospital due to a febrile seizure. I canceled my beta and us so I can monitor H all day and get extra cuddles. This was the scariest day of my life. I cut back on my meds and am lightly spotting even though my tests are still as dark if not slightly darker.

Thursday- I used my last test before my appointment today and got this-

The top was Monday, middle was Tuesday and bottom was today. I didn’t test yesterday FMU. 

I’m still lightly spotting but based in this test I took progesterone.

I have no idea what the hell is going on but IF this pregnancy is successful it would be a damn miracle with the amount of stress and lack of medicine this week! 

Roughly 3 hours to find out where things stand! 


So Incredibly Confused

The problem with being in beta hell and a POAS addict is that you take multiple tests in a day.

FMU- that looked lighter than yesterday. But sometimes FMU sucks.

SMU- EPT is ok. FRER still looks lighter but slightly darker than FMU.

Early afternoon was bad. Barely there and the CBE gave me a 1-2 weeks

It’s not looking good for tomorrow at all.

Tonight I took my last FRER (from the same box as the other two this morning)and now I’m beyond confused. 

The top one was yesterday late afternoon. Middle was 2pm (after a 4 hour hold) and bottom was tonight (after a 5 hour hold). 

Is this ectopic like behavior?!? 

Happy Monday

So after Friday’s crappy beta, I decided to take a few more tests over the weekend. Nothing looked great and I got a negative on a test yesterday. Today I had my second beta but didn’t even bother testing.

Once I got home I decided to test just once more before I would gulp down a large McD’s sweet tea. I was prepared to see one single line.

I wasn’t prepared to see a positive pregnancy test. After a few “Holy Shit”s and “Are you effing kidding me?” panic crept in. I had two glasses of wine, coffee and skipped yesterday’s meds.

My nurse called at 2 and was giddy. She said you aren’t going to believe this, but your beta went up to 47.8! That is a doubling time of 36.5 hours. I am in shock right now. I am pregnant.

My nurse and I think that maybe both embryos implanted but one didn’t take, and that is why I bled. But the other one, well that is trying to stick around. I am praying that means this one is normal and strong. Praying that it is nice and cozy and sticks around for 9 months.

So back on my meds and no more wine or caffeine for this lady. I go back on Wednesday for another beta. As we were hanging up my nurse said, “if I weren’t already a praying woman, I would start now!”.


Squinters galore. 

I tested on 7dp5dt and didn’t see a thing so I tossed it and drank a huge ass Diet Coke with my lunch.

I had such a crappy day that I wanted to snuggle with H so she slept in our bed. That means I also skipped all of my nighttime meds. 

For whatever reason I tested again on 8dp5dt and got a super squinter. Even M saw it. Then I freaked out. I immediately took all of my medication and prayed. Then I started spotting. Last night I took another test and sure enough something was there. 

The spotting turned to cramps and medium bleeding. 

Today is 9dp5dt and the lines are so incredibly light, but they are there!  Today I’m pregnant. 

I’m still bleeding a little and don’t really have cramps so I’m not sure what to think. I am going in for my beta tomorrow and fully expect it to be low. That’s fine as long as it doubles. My fear is that I’m facing a chemical. 

I can only pray that this baby is healthy and sticks.