National Infertility Awareness Week is just around the corner and this year’s theme is “You Are Not Alone”. As we all know infertility affects 1 in 8 couples. I’m sure we all know people in our lives that have or are still struggling with trying to get pregnant or stay pregnant. What I never thought is that we would be one of those people. But I guess neither did they.

1 in 8. So why does it feel like it’s still so taboo?

Maybe because no one wants to feel like they are broken. Or is it because it’s health related and they don’t want to share something that personal? Maybe they don’t want to deal with the looks or whispers. 

I have to be honest- I haven’t shared our struggles with everyone. And yet I want to support NIAW. I want people to realize that for some people it’s not all “let’s just have sex once or twice and have a baby” or “all my husband has to do is look at me”. 

It’s harder than people realize. It’s a constant roller coaster that beats you down. It’s a mix of anger, hope, jealousy, isolation, strength, sadness and longing.

I really admire the people that share their stories publicly. I may not be there yet, but I am going to try to step outside of my comfort zone a little. If I can help someone along the way then it’s worth it. 


National Infertility Awareness Week

A year ago, I had no idea NIAW existed. I wish that it didn’t need to exist. For me or anyone else.

But it does. I was really on the fence about posting anything on Facebook about it. I want people to realize that getting pregnant isn’t easy for everyone, and also to not take it for granted. But at the same time, M is more of a private person than I am, so I didn’t want to expose our issues. I feel like there is such a negative stigma that comes along with infertility. I don’t want pity, I want awareness and sensitivity.

NIAW has a great website with great resources. Check it out if you haven’t already:

I wish I was a little more brave and did post something- maybe in time I will be. I wish I could share Infertility Etiquette with friends and family.

I think others really don’t get it unless they have been there themselves. I want support and understanding, but I wouldn’t wish infertility on anyone.