Thryoid Madness

Well, I finally got my latest lab results.


To be honest, I thought my TSH was going to be high again. I had a really nice “high” maybe a week after the stims. I felt great! I had energy and wanted to do things. But since then I’ve felt a dip in my energy levels.

But looking back, I can see that it’s low. I haven’t had any more heart palpitations since I decreased my meds to 75mcg, but I’ve noticed that I am losing a few more strands of hair than normal and rather than being super cold, I’ve actually been hot. The other night I was laying on the couch and rolled my shirt up. M just looked at my and was like “it really isn’t that hot in here”. I was a sticky sweaty mess.

I figured mine TPOab would still be high since that’s the autoimmune part. Not too much I can do to fix this.

One interesting thing I read was that as Hashimoto’s progresses, you tend to swing between hypo and hyper, making dosing by labs, and especially the TSH, impossible. The hyper is caused by the release of thyroid hormones into your blood due to the destruction. The hypo is caused by the lessening function of your thyroid due to the attack.

This makes total sense. Over the last five months, my TSH has been a roller coaster! It was as high as 8.25 and as low as 0.036 and I’ve been on 3 different doses of Synthroid.  Since my T4 and T3 levels look good, I am not sure the endo will adjust my meds again. I am waiting to hear back from her on that. It’s crazy that such a small gland can control how you feel (both physically and emotionally)!


Two steps forward….

Two steps back.

The nurse called.

M’s SA results are worse than last time. Volume dropped 30million and morphology went from 3% to 2%. Ugh. The good news (I am trying to be positive here) is that motility increased from 26% to 38%. Still below what Dr. L. wants to see but many the supplements are helping? Dr. Google leads me to believe with these numbers Dr. L. is going to recommend IVF. I want to cry. I don’t want to do IVF.

I tell M the news. He is devastated. I focus on the positive and tell him that it was a bad day. We will be fine. I need to believe this for myself too.

The other step back is my thyroid. When TTC, your TSH levels should be 1-2, definitely no higher than 2.5. Mine was 8.25. That’s four times higher than what it should be. Again, Dr. Google tells me this is bad news! It’s harder to get pregnant and stay pregnant. The nurse wants to do more bloodwork to verify the results and also to look at a few more thyroid hormones.

We have identified we are working slow swimmers and a lazy thyroid. Awesome.