Grateful. Thankful. Blessed.

When I was younger, Thanksgiving was really just a big turkey dinner with family. Sure, we went around the table and said what we were grateful for but I don’t think I really appreciated what I had. 

Now, I get it. It’s easy to get to caught up in the day to day of your life. But today, I’m taking time to really reflect and appreciate how blessed I am.

I’m thankful to be alive. I wake up every morning and get to cuddle in bed with M and H. It’s my favorite part of the day.

I’m grateful to have M by my side. As much of a pain in the ass he can be, I also know how much he loves me and would do whatever he can to make things easier and better for me. 

I’m so incredibly blessed to have H. She is my life. My hearts explodes when she smiles and laughs. She is the best thing that has happened to me. Hands down.

I’m also blessed to have been pregnant with Brynn and Olo.  They will forever be part of me and our family.

I’m thankful for my family. They are crazy and have their own lives/problems but they have been by my side every step of the way- praying, cheering and crying with me. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I love that my sister is one of my closest friends and my brother is one of my biggest supporters. 

I’m so appreciative of my friends. Just like family, they are there for all of the ups and downs. Even though they haven’t gone through IVF, they are engaged and provide such a strong support system. 

I’m grateful for my job. I know this may sound silly, but I’m fortunate to work for my sister and work from home. I work for a firm that truly appreciates and understands work/life balance. This means I get to see H for more than 3 hours a day. 

I’m blessed to have medical coverage and thankful for medical advances. Without it, we would have H, Brynn or Olo. We wouldn’t have a good chance at another child. I’m thankful for Dr. L.

My life is far from perfect or even how I imagined it would be, but I am blessed and thankful for everything I have!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing Well

This past week has been pretty emotional.

First of all, I want to give a shout out to my sister. She is insanely generous and supportive. There is nothing that M and I can say or do to ever thank her and my BIL enough.

We also found out that IVF #2 has been approved and since I met my OOP max we don’t have to put down another $4k deposit. And if my calculations are correct and based off of all the submitted claims from IVF #1, IVF#2 will cost us around $2,000 (including meds)!

All awesome things. Then I looked at Facebook on Friday to see two people announced their pregnancy and another person posted pics of her newborn. Blah. This set me back a little.  I still am sad that we are approaching the year mark with a failed IUI and IVF and no luck.

M and I needed some alone time to refocus on us, and not anything baby related. So we decided to take a day trip to see some caverns. It was exactly what we needed.  The caverns were beautiful and we had a really good time just hanging out with each other. Towards the end of the tour, we saw a formation called the “Wishing Well”.

wishing well


As we walked by, people were tossing coins and making their wishes. M pointed out that there were even dollars in there, so I joked that those people had big wishes. I was bummed since I didn’t have any money on me, but luckily M did. So M went first and he tossed a quarter in “for Seamus” and I tossed one in for a “baby gator” (M went to University of Florida). And just for good measure, M threw a dollar in.

I hope that our wishes come true this time around.