I posted a week or so ago about my FSH:LH being off (as in not 1:1, but more like 2.5:1). My AFC on CD7 was 13. I didn’t have it done on CD3 so not sure how accurate that is, but just got my AMH back and it’s 2.70 ng/mL.

Given my age, I don’t think that my AMH is bad. But looking at my crap FSH  (FSH- 8.5
LH- 3.7 ). I am wondering if it is possible that even though I have eggs left, they are just crap or my body is lazy and making them takes a lot of work.

I know I am a poor responder and it takes a lot of meds to get my follicles to grow. So frequent IVFers, is there anything I should be taking to help to get them to grow? Mind you, I am already taking DHEA (50mg) Ubiquinol (300mg)and Melatonin (5mg), along with the pre-natals and Vitamin D (which by the way, finally got up to 40ng/m!! That is the highest it’s ever been-is it weird that I am proud of that?)

I am thinking of ordering royal jelly and adding that in now in hopes that it will also help.


Time is Slipping Away

This is a depressing post.

I got my CD 3 labs done and they are crap.

Estrogen- 57
FSH- 8.5
LH- 3.7
Prolactin -6.9
TSH 1.4

All within “normal” but again so much worse than they were a year ago.  I guess it is a damn good thing we are doing EPP this time since that is supposed to be best protocol for old people like me who don’t respond well to stims anymore.

To be 34 again. Le sigh.


I am self diagnosed with DOR (diminished ovarian reserve) based on my CD3 labs.

FSH- 5.53
E2- 80.7
LH- 2.06
Prolactin 7.7

My nurse said Dr. L reviewed them and said they were fine, but I am stressing because I don’t think they are! Especially compared to 9 months ago:

E2- 37.5

The FSH:LH ratio is way off 1:2.5 and it should be 1:1. My estrogen is way high. All signs are pointing to DOR.

My cycle was so screwed up. I finally ended up getting my period on CD40! I wonder if it just because I am old (36) and/or I started taking Ubiquinol to help with egg quality. It contains soy, ugh. So now I need to find a brand that doesn’t have soy.

Fuck me. Getting old sucks.