Day 3 Fertilization Report- Bummed. That Is All.

I am looking at my results and saying WTF.

4 embryos didn’t change at all from yesterday
1 three cell
1 four cell
3 five cells
3 six cells

I haven’t talked to Dr. L but Dr. Google tells me 6-10 cells is ideal on Day 3.  I am worried this cycle is another bust.


A Dozen Eggs

Yesterday morning was the big reveal. Things went much smoother than last time. M and I didn’t fight on the way up, the anesthesiologist didn’t butcher my arm, and I didn’t shed any anesthesia tears.

When I woke up, M was sitting next to me. It took me a few minutes to come around, by then the nurse came in and let us know we got 16 eggs. I was bummed. I know what a jerk this makes me sound like. I guess since we were told 28 follies, I was expecting more.  The nurse gave me some pain meds through the IV and I popped a hydrocodone.

I got dressed and we headed home.  After I ate,  I napped for about 3 hours before being woken up by pain. I was pretty much useless and laid around all day.

I decided to work from home today because I am still pretty sore and am not walking normally.  Dr. L called nice and early as he typically does to check in. He asked how I was feeling so I told him I am much more sore this time around. He said well that’s probably because  we had some great numbers. Out of our 16 eggs, 14 were mature and 12 fertilized normally. I am so happy!! This is an improvement from last time-I hope that this means it will be a successful cycle!