High Hopes

We got the call.

Out of 17 eggs, 13 were mature and 11 fertilized normally.

I am a little bummed. I was hoping for 8 and I know should be happy with 11. My RE said it perfectly. If you get 10, you want 11. If you get 11, you want 12.  I just know the more we have to start with the better our odds are to getting to day 5.

I looked at past cycles, and hopefully we will get at least 2 embryos to make it to day five.

I will get another call tomorrow to let me know how they are progressing. I expect some to arrest unfortunately but I have high hopes for this group.

I honestly think this part is harder than the stim part.


Round 3 ER

On the way to the ER I started thinking about worst case scenarios. I don’t know why I do this. I was hopeful for 8 eggs, thinking that would hopefully get us one embryo to day 5. 

Our drop off usually starts on day 3 and my nurse told me yesterday that the clinic no longer provides updates on day 3. This makes me nervous. I mean even with updates I know there’s nothing we can do, but it still sucks. 

I’m rambling now sorry. I’m still partly drugged. 

Anyway, we got 17 eggs! When the nurse told me I actually said “shut up”. 

I know they all won’t be mature, but I’m hoping maybe 10 will be and fertilize. 

Now off to eat and nap!

ER Eve

I’ve been sorta lazy about blogging about this cycle.

I don’t know it’s because I am tired at the end of the day trying  to balance work and family, or I just don’t have very high hopes and excitement this time.

My numbers looked decent at my last scan on Thursday and I got the go ahead to trigger. My ER is bright and early tomorrow morning so at least I won’t have to wait very long. Luckily my mom came up to take care of H tomorrow and Sunday. I can’t imagine I will feel like doing much, especially tomorrow.

I will forewarn the nurse that I am prone to anesthesia tears so there are no surprises. I guess I am hoping we get 8 eggs. I am trying to have low expectations given my numbers.

12 hours before we find out.