Mock Transfer, Scratch and HSG Day

This week has been busy with appointments and procedures.

On Wednesday, I had to go in for the mock transfer. I don’t know why I keep having to do this since at this point they should know exactly what my uterus looks like. Anywho, while I was there the RE asked me about getting a biopsy/scratch. She (sadly knows me well now) said she thought last time we did the mock, we also did the scratch. As a matter of fact, I actually mentioned to M that I didn’t think I had a biopsy scheduled. So we held off on the mock and checked with my nurse/RE and sure enough they said do it. I really should have been prepared and taken some Aleve before I went. It wasn’t awful though, and the best news from that appt was my AFC was 13. Woot woot. Still waiting on my AMC results.

Today was HSG day. The last time I had this done was three years ago. I knew what to expect. Or at least I thought I did based off of what happened three years ago. It was easy breezy. Dye was injected in and we watched it seamlessly flow through my uterus and out my tubes. Today was very different. Holy hell. I had cramps, fine. But then the tech/nurse (whoever does the procedure) couldn’t see if the dye was spilling out of my right ovary. That is when she asked for the balloon. Now, I don’t know what was exactly going on down there, but what I can tell you is it HURT. I got dizzy and was in serious pain. It seemed to last for a few minutes while the other tech was taking pictures. It was finally over and balloon was removed. I think they were scared I was going to pass out. It felt like I just woke up from the retrieval. I was light headed and crampy. The good news is that the balloon forced all the dye out, so I got the all clear.

Today is CD9, so I expect to ovulate in the middle of next week. Once I get my surge I will call my nurse to get the ok to begin the estrogen patches on the 10th day. If everything goes according to plan (ugh, am I tempting fate now?) , the retrieval should be around 9/7. Eek.



All For Science

I went in this morning for the endometrial scratching/bopisy study.  I had to sign some more consent forms and provide a sample for a hpt.

Once I got into the room, I began playing detective to figure out if this is the real deal or the sham. I was hoping that my chart would be up on the screen but it wasn’t. Grrr. There were some huge cotton swaps, iodine, catheters, scissors, and a specimen vial laying on the counter. This could go either way.

Dr. L and a nurse came in to begin the procedure. Dr. L is always good about walking me through what he is doing and the first part was very similar to an IUI.

The next part was a little weird. Dr. L said on the count of three, give me a big cough. I was thinking “well, this is new, but ok” We did that twice.  After reading other posts, it seems it was to help move my cervix into a better position. Who knew.

Then the real fun began. My detective skills lead me to believe that I did in fact get the real deal.  No way would a sham procedure hurt like this.  Thank God I took some Aleve beforehand! After Dr. L was done scraping up my uterus, he passed the nurse what looked like a catheter.  She went over the the little specimen vial and dipped the catheter in and swirled it around.  The vial now had a red glob in it.  As she was doing this Dr. L said he didn’t like doing biopsies. I am pretty sure none of his patients enjoy getting them. But all in the name of science and a potential BFP, right?

When it was all over, we exchanged pleasantries. “How are you feeling? Take your time getting dressed. Thanks, see you soon. Call me if you need anything.” Dr. L left and the nurse stuck around to hand me a pad and pantyliner and said I would probably spot today.

If this was the sham procedure, then my clinic gets an Academy Award!

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Figure out a new plan!

Yesterday, we headed back to see Dr. L to review the test results and next steps. It’s been a while since we’ve been at to the office that I don’t recognize some of the staff.  I suppose I will get to know them soon enough.

While we were waiting, we saw some friends walk in. Awkward. After they checked in, they came over and sat by us. After the initial embarrassing exchanges of “never thought we’d see you here”, the men just starting talking sports. It just goes to show you how many people struggle with infertility.

We were eventually called back to talk with Dr. L.  All of the genetic stuff came back fine (minus the MTHFR- Dr. L said 1 in 6 ppl have the hetero mutation I have) and the blood clotting stuff was all normal too. So that gives me some peace of mind. I also signed the endometrial biopsy study release forms to be randomized into that.

Our nurse was MIA so we had to wait to get our schedule. This was the biggest part of the appointment. It was going to give me some direction on whether or not to go to Costa Rica for work.

I spent the better part of this morning working on a presentation for Costa Rica and emailed it off to my boss. He responded “Thanks. So-and-so can go to Costa Rica, so we’re good to go”.  WTF. I told him Tuesday there was a possibility I wouldn’t be able to go, I guess he figured he’d just ask someone else. I felt like the world’s worst/laziest employee. I responded and let him know that I still don’t have my schedule and even if I am limited in my traveling that I still want to be involved in at least prepping for this trip! I swear, men don’t have these work life balance issues, do they?

Anyway, the nurse just called. First thing she said was I needed to make my appointments for the biopsy. She told me it’s pretty uncomfortable so take some extra strength Tylenol before the appointment, and once they collect the sample they send it off. I’m guessing this means I am not in the control group?? I really really really hope I get the real deal. I will gladly take the pain if it increase our chances of implantation. My first appointment is tomorrow so I am going to take a peak at my chart in hopes of figuring it out.

The other thing she shared was the full protocol and schedule. This go around I will be doing the Stop Lupron protocol. Here’s what September looks like for me (now that Costa Rica is off the table):

8-22-2013 2-17-50 PM

Plan E

I’ve been thinking about where we’ve been and where we are going lately. I guess that happens when you don’t have anything but time.

M and I started trying for a family about 11 months ago. It’s crazy how fast the year as gone by and how naive hopeful we were.

Plan A was to chart and within a few months we would end up getting pregnant on our own. That dream was crushed around month six of trying. So we moved on to Plan B- IUI. We knew our odds sucked, but we have IVF in our back pocket, so not all hope was lost when that was a BFN.

Plan C- IVF with ICSI.  We didn’t have a plan after this, after all we had a 60% chance of success. Well, since we fell on the unlucky 40% side, we needed a new plan. M and I talked about what we wanted to do and how many times we would continue to try before we moved on.  I am still waiting to get all of my test results back, but one thing we are doing differently this cycle is throwing in assisted hatching.  I’ve also read studies that show endometrial scratching may improve implantation rates, so I will ask Dr. L about this in a few weeks.  So that’s our plan D. Try two more fresh cycles.  We may consider lumping FET into this, but probably will still need a break after the fresh cycles.

I am a planner. I am not trying to be negative, but I need to have some sort of answer to “ok, what’s next?” if IVF doesn’t work.

So Plan E. IF we get to this point, M and I will begin looking into adoption. As M said, we will have a family, one way or another. It’s simple comments like that that make me love him even more.

On a lighter note, I’ve missed charting! I  had a nice temp spike today so I am fairly confident I ovulated yesterday but will confirm in a few days. Bring on the TWW 🙂