Surprise Update

Today is Day 2.

Dr. L called yesterday to check in. He said we had 11 eggs, 10 mature and 8 fertilized. He sounded optimistic and pointed out that even though we got less than the last few cycles, our numbers are very similar to that of our very first IVF cycle where we actually got something to freeze.

He also said that the sperm looked better than it has in a long time. Motility was up to around 50%. I think we are both hoping that this well help our shitty attrition rate and we will get something to Day 5.

I just got a call today to give me another update.

We actually have 9 embryos growing! One was a little late to fertilize, but it is growing. I am so happy about that!!

3-2 cells
3-5 cells, 2 of which have 10% fragmentation
3-6 cells, 1 has 20% fragmentation an 1 has 30% fragmentation

I fully expect the two 6 cells to not to be great due to higher fragmentation. I just hope that the ones that we have look better and turn into a baby in 9 months.

Do you want to hear something crazy? If this cycle works, the due date would be Feb 10th.

That is one day before M’s bday, and the date we found out about Brynn. Maybe, just maybe, that is a good sign and Brynn had a hand in helping us.


Chugging Along

Day 2 Update

Here is what we are looking at:

8 -2 cells

2 -5 cells -one of which has about 30% fragmentation.

We are down to 10. Not bad, but I am not relieved yet. We still have two full days to go. We will hopefully have something left to transfer on Thursday morning.

Keep diving and doubling guys and girls!
Edit- I take it all back. These suckers should be 4 cells. Blah. Feeling less optimistic now. 

High Hopes

We got the call.

Out of 17 eggs, 13 were mature and 11 fertilized normally.

I am a little bummed. I was hoping for 8 and I know should be happy with 11. My RE said it perfectly. If you get 10, you want 11. If you get 11, you want 12.  I just know the more we have to start with the better our odds are to getting to day 5.

I looked at past cycles, and hopefully we will get at least 2 embryos to make it to day five.

I will get another call tomorrow to let me know how they are progressing. I expect some to arrest unfortunately but I have high hopes for this group.

I honestly think this part is harder than the stim part.

Fertilization Report- Day 3

I don’t know how other women manage to work or get sleep when going through an IVF cycle.

I am nervous, excited and scared. All I can think about is how our embryos are doing!!

Thankfully, Dr. L called nice and early this morning to help ease my mind. All 9 embryos have survived another night. Whew! Out of those 9, it looks like we have 6 that are of a top grade.

2 nine cell embryos
3 eight cell embryos
2 seven cell embryos
1 six cell embryo
1 eleven cell embryo (this little overachiever needs to slow down! )

Dr. L said that they liked to see between 6-10 cells at this stage, so we seems to be progressing at a good rate. I know that it would be very rare for all 9 to make it to the blastocyst stage and it’s sorta like the survival of the fittest, but I am attached to all 9 of them!  M and I made (ok, with the help of science) these nine beautiful embryos and they are the closest things that we have to being parents.  It’s actually sorta of cute how involved M is now. After this morning’s call, he gave me a high five and said “good job”.  He’s been all smiles about being able to field a baseball team.

Unfortunately, we won’t get any more updates until we go in for the ET on Wednesday. Dr. L asked if we were leaning towards transferring one or two. I think we are leaning towards two (should we be so lucky) but I am trying not to get ahead of ourselves.

Wishing the next 48 hours would fly by and our baseball team continues to show progress.

Fertilization Report – Day 2

First off, thank for for the kind words and positive thoughts!

Day 2 Report-
4 four cell embryos
1 three cell embryo
1 five cell embryo
2 six cells embryos
1 two cell embryo

Dr. L said that five were top grade (I’m assuming the four cells and maybe the two cell?) and we are on track for a day 5 transfer. We will get another update tomorrow along with our transfer schedule.

One of my biggest fears was that M and I wouldn’t produce good embryos. But so far it looks good. We still have a few days to go though.

By no means am I a religious person, but today I have to join a church in order to be eligible to be a god-mother to one nieces.

I don’t know how the Catholic Church feels about ART, but considering they believe life starts at conception, I don’t think it would be out of place to say a little prayer there. Please continue to send us good luck/prayers/vibes (whatever you believe in) 🙂