Fit Bit Experiment- Update 2

The last update I think I had was right after I stopped BCP. Here is how my resting HR is trending

On BCP- Roughly 58-60 bpm.

Lupron- Avg 59 bpm

Stims- Avg 63 bpm.

Retrieval Day- 60 bpm.

The 5 days waiting for the transfer -61 bpm

Today it was 66 bpm. I have no idea why it went up today considering my fat butt has been sitting all day.

Theory #1-I am out of shape since I haven’t exercised in over a month now.

Theory #2- The hormones lowered it before and it’s back to normal?

I know they say it will increase with pregnancy, but I don’t think they mean this early, so I am ruling that out at this point. We will see what the next few days bring.





The FitBit Experiment

Did you all see the story about how some lady’s Fitbit detects her pregnancy before she does? If not, check it out here.

It has inspired me to conduct my own little experiment!

My resting HR since I have been on birth control (for the last 2 weeks) has roughly been 58-60 bpm. Prior to that it was averaging 70 while I was training for the 1/2 marathon. Weird, considering you would think when I was working out it would be lower. Maybe it was because my TSH was so low (.2) and now the extra estrogen in the BCP is suppressing my thyroid, therefore putting me in more of a normal TSH range and reducing my heart rate.

I stop birth control in two days and will continue Lupron until 4/6 so we will see what happens while I am on Lupron only. Then the stims start. It will be interesting to see what all of the extra hormones do to my resting hb.

I was thinking maybe I won’t test early (well, too early) and see if my FitBit knows something I don’t.