We Might Have a Chance 

Spotting has just about stopped. Thank God. 

I didn’t sleep great last night. This just feels like a dream. I’m still in shock. I told M we didn’t even have a name for this little bean. For now, we are calling the baby Noah. Ya know, because he sruvrived the great flood (i.e. period/bleeding). 

Today’s test has given me so hope. I know anything can happen but I will gladly take each day I get that I stay pregnant! 

The top test was from yesterday and the bottom two are from today.

I’m still in complete disbelief! 


6 weeks

I was able to get an appointment this morning to see exactly what was going on. I felt sick. Morning sickness? Nerves? Combination? Who knows.

Anyway, we didn’t waste much time. I told Dr. L what happened last night and he said, let’s see what is going on and try to get some answers.

The tech started and I immediately saw the gestational sac. Good news, right? Then I saw the yolk sac. The tech zoomed in and announced the baby was here and we saw the heart flicker. M let out an audible sigh of relief. I think he may have shed a tear to be honest. Dr. L said everything measured right on track for me where are today and he didn’t see anything that was causing the bleeding. I asked if it was possible to get a heart rate and tech said it would be hard since Olo is so small, but she managed to get it and said it was 105. Dr.L said anything over 100 was ok, so I am trying to relax and not read too much on Google.

Our next appointment is next Friday. In the meantime, I am going to try to rest and have faith Olo is a fighter and here to stay.

Waiting to wake up from this bad dream…

Yesterday morning I ended up getting sick. My stomach was a mess and I was just spent. I actually took care of myself and took a sick day! I napped and rested until 4pm. I decried I felt ok enough to run to the grocery store to get some things and then picked H up from daycare. When I came home, I realized I was bleeding.

Full on bright red bleeding. Enough to get the the pad and TMI alert…heavy/fast enough to drip into the toilet. After a few curse words, I called the after hours nurse. I checked the bleeding again- this time I had a small clot. The nurse finally called back. She said to try to relax and I was probably just inserting the progesterone applicator too far in. I want to believe her but I don’t know if I do. The red bleeding continued for about 2 hours. I had one more clot. It eventually slowed down to red spotting. 

I emailed and called my nurse and am waiting until 8 to call the main clinic line. Right now I’m still spotting but it seems to be more brown (sorry I realize it’s tmi). No cramps and no clots so far. 

Every time I go to the bathroom I just want to pretend it’s not happening and it was a bad dream. I am afraid I’m in denial. 

Please say a prayer for Olo.