March for Babies

On May 7, our family will be walking in the March for Babies in downtown DC. 

If you aren’t familiar with the March of Dime or March for Babies, the purpose of the walk is to raise money and awareness to support programs that help moms have healthy full term babies and to fund research to find causes and preventions. 

Please consider helping us reach our goal by donating directly from our page at here.

Thank you!! 



The Great Reveal

Today is a big day!

We find out the babies’ sexes! I have no real gut feeling but M thinks boy/girl.

To be honest, I might be more excited to see the babies than to find out the sexes. Not that I don’t care, but it’s been 3 1/2 weeks since I saw them and I am just anxious to make sure they still growing and are healthy. But at the same time, I tear up thinking that we will have sons or daughters. It makes it more real.

Rather than saying Baby A or Baby B, we will have names, or at least we can say “he” or “she”.

As far as the pregnancy goes, sInce I’ve entered the second trimester, I am not nearly as sick, which is awesome but it also means I don’t feel “as pregnant”. At least with the puking, I knew the babies were doing their thing. Now I just am anxious! I know everything will probably be ok, but I like reassurance!

So the countdown is on!

And to end on a funny note, I was texting with my sister and she told me my oldest niece (3 years old) guessed what we were having.

Three girls! Hahaha!



Pea Pod

That’s how big the babies are this week. When you think of the growth from an apple seed to pea pod in just 8 weeks it’s amazing.

I had a routine OB visit yesterday and since DC shut down for some flurries, M tagged along.

This visit was a first for M. Let me explain. The nurse called us back to take my vitals and had M hang out in the exam room.  At first the nurse said we would just do an annual exam and hear the hbs, but I reminded her that we have twins and I was told we would probably get u/s at every visit. Once she confirmed with the Dr. that we would get an u/s, she moved us into a different room. Awesome- we would see the babies, M would leave, I would get the annual exam. Except it didn’t happen in that order. Poor M had to sit through me getting a breast exam and pap smear. Check that off the list of things I never thought would happen! I guess it’s not that big of a deal since he’s already been through all of the IVF monitoring and retrieval/transfer stuff. It may have been awkward for him though.

Once that was over with, we gotto check out the babies. Baby A was like a little jumping bean….off of Baby’s B head. I am convinced Baby A is a rambunctious boy. He was completely sprawled out and just bouncing off the wall. Meanwhile, Baby B was all curled up and even had her (I’m guessing her) hand on her forehead. We didn’t get measurements since they weren’t really in the best positions, but heart rates sounded good.  

The Dr. said I won’t have another u/s until the anatomy scan (at 18w) even though I have a reg OB appointment at 17 weeks. That’s 5 weeks away! So I went ahead and booked a sneak peek so we could find out the genders at 16w. I can’t wait to see them again…and if we have a son and daughter, two sons, or two daughters. It doesn’t really matter, we are blessed either way.