Half Way There

Well, technically that isn’t until next week, but with twins the goal is 38 weeks so I am counting today as half way there.

Last Friday we had our anatomy scan. We arrived right at 8am and were ready to see the girls. As a side note, I think it’s a little mean that they make you have a full bladder for the ultrasound. Do they realize how uncomfortable that is when you are pregnant?

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but I am amazed. I figured they would just measure crown to rump and take a look at a few things. I didn’t realize it would be like a full body scan. Perhaps I should be doing some reading on being pregnant and what to expect. Anyway, the tech looked at the babies’ brain, stomachs, kidneys, faces, and every other part that they could get. Normal. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. The babies didn’t cooperate 100%, even after I took a walk in hopes of getting them to change position. So we have to go back in another 3 weeks to try to get pictures what we couldn’t see this time. The tech also measured the babies.

Baby A: measured 18w6d and 9 ounces

Baby B: measured 17w5d and 8 ounces

My OB called yesterday to let me know the final report was in and things looked good (cervical length and babies’ anatomy), but there is a slight discrepancy in growth. So that means ultrasounds every month to track the babies’ growth. If the lag increases then we would need additional testing but for now we shouldn’t worry.

From what I’ve heard getting monthly u/s with twins is fairly common so right now I am not too worried. I would like Baby B to have a growth spurt, but I think she is going to be petite.

Other than that, I’ve had cramps the last 2 days. I panic every time I go to the bathroom, but thankfully no spotting. I listened to the girls’ hbs yesterday for peace of mind, so I think it’s just some major growing pains. I also think I am starting to feel the babies move. It only happens when I am laying down and feels like twitches/pulses. I poke back and it stops. M thinks I am being mean….but it feels really weird.

Our next appointment is in two weeks so I don’t have to wait too long to see them again. So, grow girls!



Sugar and Spice

And everything nice, that’s what girl are made of. Times two! I guess my niece wasn’t that far off!

M and I went to the sneak peak last a week and a half ago (sorry for the delayed update!). As always, Baby A was a little jumping bean, so it was easy for the tech to tell we have a baby girl. Both M and I had no clue what he was looking at…but I guess that’s why he is the expert.

Baby B was getting kicked and bullied by Baby A and pretty much in a ball. The tech had me flip over a few times in hopes of getting a better shot. Finally….confirmation of another baby girl!

M and I were shocked. Two daughters. That was the last combination I thought of!

Since the scan wasn’t diagnostic, the tech couldn’t tell us measurements or how things looked. We were able to hear the hbs again though. That was enough to reassure me.

Last week, I had my regular OB appointment. No u/s though, ugh. Again, just heartbeats and my stats. So far everything seems fine. At the end of the appointment, the OB measured my fundal height. With a singleton, you typically measure 1 cm for every week. So last week, I should have measured 17cm. Since I’ve carrying two, I measured ahead at like 22cm. Eeek. The Dr. said there is no “normal” for twins, they only measure to ensure you are continuing to grow. I guess that’s good, but it also makes me realize I may look much more fat pregnant that I actually am.

belly pic

We have our anatomy scan coming up. It’s a big appointment and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. We haven’t measured the babies in about 6 weeks, I think. I hope they are both growing strong and are healthy.  For the last two days I’ve had some pain all along my right side. I thinking it’s normal growing pains since I haven’t had any cramping or spotting. If is gets worse or is still there in another day I may call the OB just to make sure everything is ok.

Other than that, nothing “new” is happening. The doppler hasn’t been my friend recently since I can’t get a good reading on the hbs. Baby A moves  too much and has an anterior placenta so I only get her hb for a few seconds. I have no idea what Baby B is doing. I think she must be further back and faced inward. I can hear her hearbeat but it never shows up on the display. Hopefully once I feel them move, I won’t need the doppler anymore….or as much!