The FitBit Experiment

Did you all see the story about how some lady’s Fitbit detects her pregnancy before she does? If not, check it out here.

It has inspired me to conduct my own little experiment!

My resting HR since I have been on birth control (for the last 2 weeks) has roughly been 58-60 bpm. Prior to that it was averaging 70 while I was training for the 1/2 marathon. Weird, considering you would think when I was working out it would be lower. Maybe it was because my TSH was so low (.2) and now the extra estrogen in the BCP is suppressing my thyroid, therefore putting me in more of a normal TSH range and reducing my heart rate.

I stop birth control in two days and will continue Lupron until 4/6 so we will see what happens while I am on Lupron only. Then the stims start. It will be interesting to see what all of the extra hormones do to my resting hb.

I was thinking maybe I won’t test early (well, too early) and see if my FitBit knows something I don’t.



March for Babies

On May 7, our family will be walking in the March for Babies in downtown DC. 

If you aren’t familiar with the March of Dime or March for Babies, the purpose of the walk is to raise money and awareness to support programs that help moms have healthy full term babies and to fund research to find causes and preventions. 

Please consider helping us reach our goal by donating directly from our page at here.

Thank you!! 


Protocol Change- Suppression Phase

During our meeting with Dr. L back in January, I brought up my concern that I was over suppressed being on BCP for such a long time (25 days). The last time I did a fresh cycle (back in 2013) I was on BCP for 16 days. The reason I was on it so long was because I was waiting for the hysteroscopy. I should have sat that month out. But I didn’t.

Then came stimming, it took just as long and my stims went all the way up to 375. I feel like maybe I was over suppressed then needed more stims to get my follicles to do something- possibly giving me crap eggs in the process. This is all a guess.

That all being said, I am glad we are doing things a little differently on the suppression front. I will be on BCP for 14 days (it was supposed to be 15, but I got home late and didn’t fill the prescription that day, whoops).  AND Dr L even reduced my Lupron from 20 units to 15. Now maybe my body won’t have to work so hard to produce quality follicles this time around. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I head back to the office for another biopsy to see if there are any signs of endometritis. I think it’s a 50/50 chance and won’t be surprised if it comes back as positive.

In other news, insurance approved this cycle. Yay. Now I am trying to find the cheapest medicine around. Even with our prescription plan, 30 days worth of Millipred (prednisilone) is $100, Lupron is $100, HCG is $100, Menopur is $75 per vial (ugh) and Gonal F is supposedly only $250 per pen but I am not sure I believe that based on the other prices. Since I am starting at 150 Menopur and 300 Gonal F and typically stim for 11 days, it is going to add up fast. Menopur alone will cost me around $1,650 per cycle and Gonal F will easily cost another $1,000 (probably more since I don’t believe the price I was quoted).

I have some left over meds from last cycle, but not enough to get my through another full cycle. And if this cycle doesn’t work, then we are screwed.

I don’t understand how women do multiple cycles all OOP.



Back to Square One- Take 4

Today is CD1. Yippee.

I let my nurse know so she should send me my protocol and calendar tomorrow. My best guess is that the ER will be around April 19th, is my best guess based on past cycles and calendars. But my nurse needed to ask Dr. L a question, so maybe something else is changing?

I know we talked about only 2 weeks of BCP and starting at a high dose of Gonal F (300 I believe). Maybe that means I won’t stim for as long? The problem is that M is supposed to be out of town the week of April 17th for work so this will be interesting.

I believe everything else will be the same- prenatals,vitamin d,  baby aspirin,and prednisioline. We will do another biopsy to make sure there is no sign of endometritis.

I am already stressed about the cycle in regards to timing and insurance coverage. I have no clue if this cycle will be approved. We haven’t cycled under Aetna so I am nervous they won’t approve any coverage with our history.

And then of course there is the good old mind f*ck that is IVF/IF. The last three cycles didn’t work, why would this one. But maybe because they didn’t work this one HAS to work, right? Ugh. Does anyone have a reliable crystal ball they can lend me??




Another Month, Another BFN. 

Blah, blah, blah. 

Different month, same story. This is the last month of our break from cycling. Not neccesarily not trying, but let’s be honest, we would need a miracle to get pregnant without medical intervention. But we gave it the good old college try and failed. I’m 11dpo and got a bfn. Such is life. 

As I updated my FF chart, I scrolled back. I’m a glutton for punishment I suppose. We started trying to have a second child on November of 2014. That stings a little. I figured it would take make 3-4 months. Guess I really underestimated that!

The only silver lining is that I can enjoy a glass of wine while I wait for AF to show.