Birth story 

Last Thursday morning I had a follow up at the MFM. We knew it would be the last appointment since I was going to be induced on Monday morning.  The OB went ahead and did a cervical check and shockingly I was 3cm and cervix was soft, so the OB went ahead and did a sweep. 
After that she did a NST because I told her the baby was quiet all morning. Her baseline heart rate was 120 and it really made me nervous. That coupled with the fact that I was having contractions, the OB  sent me to the hospital for additional monitoring.

Once there, I was checked and told to walk for two hours to see if I was going to be admitted or sent home. The walking definitely helped and I was admitted. That was around 4 pm.

Fast forward, to midnight and I was finally 10 cm but the baby was still really high so we waited another hour. At 1am on Friday, I was finally ready to push. It took 1 1/2 hrs of pushing to get her out because she was posterior (sunny side up) and she had her cord wrapped over her shoulder! Her poor head and left eye was bruised and her head was totally a cone head! 

Recovery up until yesterday has been fairly easy. I didn’t end up getting any tears/stitches, just sore and (tmi) swollen. 

My milk came I’m on day 3 PP and I got engorged fast! My goal is to breastfeed and not EP like I did with H. Even with breastfeeding and pumping, I now have 18oz of milk frozen. 

I ended up getting a fever and mastitis which is awful! My right breast is red swollen and super painful. I’m taking antibiotics for a week and hope that they help soon. I’ve been trying to break up the blocked duct but it still seems pretty hard 

Last night, H woke up in the middle of the night and made her way into our bed. As I feeding  the baby, I looked over at our little family. I still can’t believe she is here and our family is complete. 

And here is our rainbow baby. 


11 thoughts on “Birth story 

  1. so happy for you and your beautiful little family. she is absolutely precious and look at all that gorgeous hair! enjoy this beautiful time your lives. i hope your mastitis clear up quickly and you can be ride of that awful pain.

  2. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your adorable baby. Yours is one of the most remarkable stories. She was determined to be here with you. I am so happy for you 😃

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