Birth story 

Last Thursday morning I had a follow up at the MFM. We knew it would be the last appointment since I was going to be induced on Monday morning.  The OB went ahead and did a cervical check and shockingly I was 3cm and cervix was soft, so the OB went ahead and did a sweep. 
After that she did a NST because I told her the baby was quiet all morning. Her baseline heart rate was 120 and it really made me nervous. That coupled with the fact that I was having contractions, the OB  sent me to the hospital for additional monitoring.

Once there, I was checked and told to walk for two hours to see if I was going to be admitted or sent home. The walking definitely helped and I was admitted. That was around 4 pm.

Fast forward, to midnight and I was finally 10 cm but the baby was still really high so we waited another hour. At 1am on Friday, I was finally ready to push. It took 1 1/2 hrs of pushing to get her out because she was posterior (sunny side up) and she had her cord wrapped over her shoulder! Her poor head and left eye was bruised and her head was totally a cone head! 

Recovery up until yesterday has been fairly easy. I didn’t end up getting any tears/stitches, just sore and (tmi) swollen. 

My milk came I’m on day 3 PP and I got engorged fast! My goal is to breastfeed and not EP like I did with H. Even with breastfeeding and pumping, I now have 18oz of milk frozen. 

I ended up getting a fever and mastitis which is awful! My right breast is red swollen and super painful. I’m taking antibiotics for a week and hope that they help soon. I’ve been trying to break up the blocked duct but it still seems pretty hard 

Last night, H woke up in the middle of the night and made her way into our bed. As I feeding  the baby, I looked over at our little family. I still can’t believe she is here and our family is complete. 

And here is our rainbow baby. 


The Most Pregnant I’ve Ever Been

I’m still here and chugging along at 38w2d!!

I’m very much in count down mode right now. There are still a few things we need to do, but for the most part, I would say we are about 75% ready! The biggest things are done and I’ve been in complete nesting mode. I just need to find time to do the little things that are left…ya know like figure out how my new pump works and stock the pantry and freezer. 

Since my last post, I haven’t had any more hospital visits. I’ve had a ton of regular BHs, some cramping, some nausea and some pressure/lightening crotch. 
My appointment last week was pretty uneventful, which is not a bad thing! We made it to 37 weeks after all.  Even though we didn’t do a growth scan, I feel like the baby is going to be huge! I mean I feel huge! How do women go to 41 weeks?!? I give them a ton of credit! 

My Ob and I briefly talked about the plan for this week. I have my appointment tomorrow and she will do a cervical check to see if anything has changed. I would be surprised if it did since I haven’t had a ton of painful contractions. I’m probably still just 1cm dilated. I do feel like the baby has dropped some more though.

If things are somewhat favorable we will try a membrane sweep. I’m a bit nervous since I’ve never had one, but how bad can it be compared to every other fertility procedure I’ve had? 

Guess we will see!!

Just Call Me April

Yesterday was the second time in two weeks that I went to the hospital.

At my weekly appointment , I told my MFM that I was having tightening/cramps off and on. She hooked me up the NST machine and sure enough the contractions showed up.

I ended up spending the night in the hospital and got two doses of steroids for the baby’s lungs and medicine (procardia) that I have to take every 6 hours to stop contractions. 

Yesterday morning, from 3:30-5 I was up with contractions coming every 3-4 mins. I was able to get some sleep but when I woke up the contractions continued. I called my dr to let them know and they sent my to triage. 

For over two hours, I was having contractions every 4-5 minutes but they didn’t do a damn thing to my cervix.

 My dr seems to thinks my body is ready to evict the baby, but she’s not in the right position so the contractions are actually trying to turn her and get her in the chin to chest back of her head to my front position.  While she is head down, I think she’s faced somewhat sideways.

She also mentioned that because I gave birth at 37 weeks last time that my body might be thinking now is a good time since I’m getting close to that.

So I’m going to start taking long walks and bouncing on a ball to help open my pelvis and encourage the baby to turn, The dr thinks once she’s in the right position and taps my cervix again that it will be go time!

While it sounds like I can happen at any point, I’m still feeling like we have all this time to prepare. I finally packed my delivery bag, still need to get a small labor bag together and I guess we should get the car seat installed!