It’s A


Well, at least for a little while longer until I tell M and our families.

But for fun, what is your guess?


1 in 10,000

I’m old. Advanced maternal age. In fact my medical records state my condition as ” Elderly multigravida”. 

That being said my odds were as “good” as they were 3 years ago. 

Risk of Down Syndrome based on age is 1:305 and Trisomy 13 & 18 is 1:150.

However based on my Harmony results and scan, my risk is now 1 in 10,000.

Little sigh of relief! Of course that was short lived because the MFM suggested I also get the AFP screening to rule out neural tube defects. Apparently this is standard and he doesn’t suspect anything but still makes me nervous as hell. 

Otherwise the baby is doing well. HB was 150 and measuring two days ahead still. M came to this appointment and Apollo was showing off! The baby would not be still. She was a little dancing machine.

I say she only based on the potty shot I saw. We still don’t know what we are having since the nurse forgot to check off gender on the Harmony test! Healthy is better than finding out the gender though so at least we have that!

Chugging Along

Today I am 11w and met my new Perinatologist. 

The practice came recommended by the fertility clinic since they are one of the few MFM that actually also deliver. And the plus is that they are associated with the hospital that I will deliver at in May. 

I really like the Dr. I met today. We went over my history and I explained my anxiety. She seemed to totally understand and said they would likely do monthly ultrasounds to monitor growth. 

We discussed genetic testing and the NT scan. I opted to do Harmony and will follow up next week with the NT scan. By that time they should also have the Harmony results. I asked if she could sort of eyeball things today and she said it really is too early but if there is a strong heartbeat and the growth was on track than things “should” be ok. 

So off to the scan we went. 

Apollo must have been sleepy because he wasn’t super wiggly at first. HB was 161 and he measured 11w3d (ahead again!). The Dr said everything looked really good. Towards the end, Apollo started to wiggle a little. 

We didn’t get the best pictures today. These were the best two- 

Hand by his face!

You can see his hand by his face and legs sort of bent up.

9 more days until the next scan and hopefully good results!