2nd Beta

My nurse called and I was actually scared she was going to give me bad news since it’s so early.

5 weeks today and my beta was 3874.

I looked at beta base and that is a DT of 43 hours. And there is also this:

Avg beta for singleton at 5 weeks- 1761

Avg beta for twins at 5 weeks- 3431

I know betas don’t mean much, but like I said earlier I am not going to be shocked if it is twins. I have to schedule my u/s for next week. In the mean time I have an appointment with my Endo on Thursday to talk about my TSH and adjust my meds.

Hoping and praying for an uneventful but fast week!


Cramps and Paranoia 

I’ve been pregnant three times before this and each time I had a loss. I’m just waiting for the other foot to drop. 
Last night I had cramps and was constantly checking to see if I was bleeding. Luckily I didn’t. So I totally caved this morning and bought another test. 

Top was from Thursday before the beta and bottom was from today! I guess the cramps were not a bad thing. 

Pre-Beta Day

Unfortunately, my nurse is making me wait until tomorrow for my beta since I’ve been out of town. 

That’s a long time! I’m really hoping for strong betas and a strong heartbeat in a few weeks. 

I’m getting decent lines so I think (hope and pray) they are doubling and this baby (aka Apollo) is doing his/her thing. 

Top was yesterday FMU at 15dpo and bottom was today FMU. 

So back to Apollo- I wanted something God like, because let’s face it, this baby is a freaking miracle! Apollo is the God of light and sun, which can represent the light after a dark period for us. And lastly, it even incorporates a little bit of Olo (our little one), who we lost in August.

My only “symptom” is that I have been weepy as hell! No real cramps (thanks god). 

Until tomorrow!!

Playing the Odds

You know that TTC is hard. And through TI, when you are young your odds aren’t awful. But through in age or crappy eggs and/or sperm and well, your odds go way down, like 2%.

Three years ago, we were given a 30% chance of success on each cycle. Then once I got pregnant with the girls, we were estatic. Cautious until the I was out of the first trimester of course, because your odds go down. Well again, we were in the shitty part of the 2% that would lose a baby in the late second trimester.

We went back to the IVF gambling table to roll the dice again for a second child. 

First FET was a win with a BFP. But then again we fell on the wrong side of the odds and lost the baby after we saw the heartbeat. That’s a 5-10% chance of happening. 

Then two more failed cycles. 

Then the BFP in May that was in an undetermined location. Odds of that was something like 2%.

IVF turned into an IUI due to poor response? Yeah I don’t know but my guess is it’s probably around 10%? 

So, we had a few choices- IVF with 1 (maybe 2-3) follicles ( yet RE advised against it), IUI or TI. We decided what the hell, let’s just do the IUI.

Given the sample, we had about a 15% chance. And here we are- my official test day-

Shocked. Scared. Hopeful.

Maybe, just maybe, the protocol allowed me to produce a good quality egg and doing IUI allowed the right sperm to find it, rather than an embryologist picking it out? 

I’m officially 4 weeks today. Happy Birthday to me!