Cycle #5

As I was waiting for blood work and an ultrasound in a room full of infertile  women and men on Saturday morning, I scrolled through FB and saw this post by Resolve.

A little bit of me teared up. It’s been a hell of a road and I haven’t reached my destination yet. I’m bruised and battered but stronger than I give myself credit for sometimes. I’m not ready to give up. 

I’ve updated the TTC #2 page with numbers from monitoring ( I won’t bore you with that). Tomorrow will be day 6 of stims, so I suspect I’m half way done with this part. A few days would be less, especially since I will probably have to buy more meds. Blah. 



I posted a week or so ago about my FSH:LH being off (as in not 1:1, but more like 2.5:1). My AFC on CD7 was 13. I didn’t have it done on CD3 so not sure how accurate that is, but just got my AMH back and it’s 2.70 ng/mL.

Given my age, I don’t think that my AMH is bad. But looking at my crap FSH  (FSH- 8.5
LH- 3.7 ). I am wondering if it is possible that even though I have eggs left, they are just crap or my body is lazy and making them takes a lot of work.

I know I am a poor responder and it takes a lot of meds to get my follicles to grow. So frequent IVFers, is there anything I should be taking to help to get them to grow? Mind you, I am already taking DHEA (50mg) Ubiquinol (300mg)and Melatonin (5mg), along with the pre-natals and Vitamin D (which by the way, finally got up to 40ng/m!! That is the highest it’s ever been-is it weird that I am proud of that?)

I am thinking of ordering royal jelly and adding that in now in hopes that it will also help.

Mock Transfer, Scratch and HSG Day

This week has been busy with appointments and procedures.

On Wednesday, I had to go in for the mock transfer. I don’t know why I keep having to do this since at this point they should know exactly what my uterus looks like. Anywho, while I was there the RE asked me about getting a biopsy/scratch. She (sadly knows me well now) said she thought last time we did the mock, we also did the scratch. As a matter of fact, I actually mentioned to M that I didn’t think I had a biopsy scheduled. So we held off on the mock and checked with my nurse/RE and sure enough they said do it. I really should have been prepared and taken some Aleve before I went. It wasn’t awful though, and the best news from that appt was my AFC was 13. Woot woot. Still waiting on my AMC results.

Today was HSG day. The last time I had this done was three years ago. I knew what to expect. Or at least I thought I did based off of what happened three years ago. It was easy breezy. Dye was injected in and we watched it seamlessly flow through my uterus and out my tubes. Today was very different. Holy hell. I had cramps, fine. But then the tech/nurse (whoever does the procedure) couldn’t see if the dye was spilling out of my right ovary. That is when she asked for the balloon. Now, I don’t know what was exactly going on down there, but what I can tell you is it HURT. I got dizzy and was in serious pain. It seemed to last for a few minutes while the other tech was taking pictures. It was finally over and balloon was removed. I think they were scared I was going to pass out. It felt like I just woke up from the retrieval. I was light headed and crampy. The good news is that the balloon forced all the dye out, so I got the all clear.

Today is CD9, so I expect to ovulate in the middle of next week. Once I get my surge I will call my nurse to get the ok to begin the estrogen patches on the 10th day. If everything goes according to plan (ugh, am I tempting fate now?) , the retrieval should be around 9/7. Eek.


Time is Slipping Away

This is a depressing post.

I got my CD 3 labs done and they are crap.

Estrogen- 57
FSH- 8.5
LH- 3.7
Prolactin -6.9
TSH 1.4

All within “normal” but again so much worse than they were a year ago.  I guess it is a damn good thing we are doing EPP this time since that is supposed to be best protocol for old people like me who don’t respond well to stims anymore.

To be 34 again. Le sigh.