Surprise Update

Today is Day 2.

Dr. L called yesterday to check in. He said we had 11 eggs, 10 mature and 8 fertilized. He sounded optimistic and pointed out that even though we got less than the last few cycles, our numbers are very similar to that of our very first IVF cycle where we actually got something to freeze.

He also said that the sperm looked better than it has in a long time. Motility was up to around 50%. I think we are both hoping that this well help our shitty attrition rate and we will get something to Day 5.

I just got a call today to give me another update.

We actually have 9 embryos growing! One was a little late to fertilize, but it is growing. I am so happy about that!!

3-2 cells
3-5 cells, 2 of which have 10% fragmentation
3-6 cells, 1 has 20% fragmentation an 1 has 30% fragmentation

I fully expect the two 6 cells to not to be great due to higher fragmentation. I just hope that the ones that we have look better and turn into a baby in 9 months.

Do you want to hear something crazy? If this cycle works, the due date would be Feb 10th.

That is one day before M’s bday, and the date we found out about Brynn. Maybe, just maybe, that is a good sign and Brynn had a hand in helping us.


7 thoughts on “Surprise Update

  1. this is great news. i meant to write on your first post “disappointed” about your egg retrieval. i was so disappointed in our second IVF ER. i had aout 25 follicles growing and as they were retrieving they were finding no eggs. once we were done i cried and cried when i heard we only got 7 eggs. the woman beside me was so excited because they had just gotten 22 eggs. i felt like all was lost. then we found all 7 were mature, 6 fertilized and 4 made it to 5 day blast for freezing. doubt lingered and a few months later i was so nervous to transfer 2 of the 4. what if we lose them both!? it turned out one really is all you need. maeve just turned 1 yesterday 🙂 so happy to hear this positive update. thinking of you and hoping the best!

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