Beta Day

I woke up at 1:30 and had to pee. Can frequent peeing start this early? I forget.

Anyway, I woke up and went to the clinic for my beta. Then I went home to work. And wait. 

I took another test around 1pm because I still didn’t get a call. Hoping to see some progression. Confirmation of some sort that I’m not imagining all of it. 

Decent lines. 

While waiting, I did some research on betabase. If I got anything in the 250 range I would be so happy. 

Around 4pm I emailed and asked if I would be getting my results. My nurse emailed right back and said she left a voicemail congratulating me! So weird. Anyway, I spoke to her and she told me my beta was 457! I’m seriously shocked ! 

I go back on Monday morning for a repeat. 

My Olo, you are doing so well. Please continue to grow !


8dp-9dp5dt FET

8dp5dt- No symptoms at all. Took a test and it looked the same at 7dp to me. M thought it looked darker but he is an optimist. I sent it to my sister and one friend, both who I know would be honest with me even if it was not what I wanted to hear. They seemed to think it looked darker. Maybe I am missing something?

9dp5dt- I woke up early and felt a little bummed. Not really sure what was going on with Olo. I know the past few mornings have given me lighter lines than the afternoon, but at this stage I should get a decent line with FMU. So I tested. I am actually glad I did. I finally feel a little better about the progression.

2015-07-29 08.48.23

I called my nurse yesterday and told her I was getting positives and would like to come in early, especially since I wanted to make sure my TSH was at a decent level. The earliest she would let me come in is Friday, which is better than Monday. So I took the first appointment at 6:30!

Grow our little one!

7dp5dt FET

I woke up with cramps but stayed strong and didn’t test first thing in the morning…I waited until 9am. I seem to be a better tester in the afternoon. I have also noticed a difference in sensitivity between a regular FRER and FRER Rapid Response. I seem to get better lines on the Rapid Response.

I think I have tested more this pregnancy than the one with the girls. Maybe it’s because I think the lines should be darker by now. I have to try to remember that this pregnancy is a singelton and so it’s going to be different. I can’t compare the two.

Here is the latest. Not too much of a difference between yesterday and today, but for now I think that is ok. There is a good difference between 5d and 7d so I am remaining positive about this.


This is 6dp (top) compared to 7dp (bottom). Not a huge difference.


Just for some peace of mind, I took a CBE Week Estimator and it came up 1-2 weeks which is good and right on track.

Grow, Olo, Grow!


No cramps. No backache. I feel completely normal. I guess it’s because it’s so early.

As you know I tested early. Way too early. I knew it was early so maybe that’s why I didn’t cry? I tested again yesterday morning since I couldn’t sleep. BFN.

But for some reason I wasn’t going to accept that. I tested again later that morning and got a super squinter. Like really a super squinter.

I tested a few more times between yesterday and today. This was the progression-

Not good. Not awful since there is still a line. Possible chemical? Maybe it’s still too early?

I needed to figure what was going on. I know. A glutton for punishment. After a 3.5 hour hold this is what I got

Apparently Olo was a little sleepy this morning and didn’t want to cooperate. The icing of the cake was this-


Thank you!! Now please grow, Olo, grow!!!

5dp5dt FET

5dpdt-I couldn’t really sleep. I was up every few hours and woke up at 5:30. Well before H. Other than that, I had some off and on again cramps and lower back pain.

Today is 6dp5dt and the I woke around 5:30 again. I guess I have a lot on my mind? We will see how today plays out.