Random updates

I’m updating with a bunch of things that happened over the last few weeks since I have a few minutes while Harper is fast asleep in my arms and M is upstairs getting ready for a friend’s birthday party.

– My grandmother’s health declined pretty rapidly after Christmas. I went to see her about two weeks ago to say goodbye. It was harder than I thought- I realized I’m not the type of person that can just say bye. Instead I asked her to do me a favor- when she got to heaven, find Brynn and take care of her until we got there. Be an awesome great grandmother to her like she was an awesome grandmother to us- push her on swings, have picnics, and go to the boardwalk. Surely, they have all of those things in heaven, right? My grandmother smiled.

– Harper has 2 teeth! Finally!! We saw them through her gums for a good two months and they finally broke through. I went to give her a sip of my water when she woke up at 4am and I heard little clinks. It was dark, so I couldn’t see them, but I felt them. I didn’t mind so much her waking at 4am that day!

– My grandmother passed away. We knew it was coming but it didn’t make it easier. After I called my cousin, I heard something in Harper’s room. The sound machine was on and playing a lullaby. No one was in the room, but I feel like it was a sign from my Grandmother letting me know that she found our little angel in heaven and was rocking her.

– Harper is in daycare. After our nanny quit, we decided to try daycare out. M drops her off in the morning so I can get straight to work and I pick her up. She’s usually there for 5 1/2 hours so not too long but when I pick her up its like she hasn’t seen me in ages. I think she likes it – she’s started smiling at her teachers when she’s dropped off.

– We are in month 3 of trying naturally. Nothing new to report. 3 more months of this before we go back to the RE.

– M’s birthday is coming up…which means so is the anniversary of finding out about Brynn. I don’t think anniversary is the right word since I feel like that is used with happy things. I haven’t planned anything for M’s birthday, I’m thinking it will be low key. To be honest I am not sure he’s thought about it or last year.

– We started giving Harper real food. Like stuff she can mash with her gums. So far she’s had avocados, bananas, berries, eggs, and Mums. She loves slurping down pouches of food (Plum and Ella’s kitchen are her favorites) and she loves water. She only gets a few sips when she has food, but she seriously gets so excited when she sees her cup. It’s pretty adorable. Today, she had her first smoothie-


Those are the highlights! Enjoy your weekends 🙂