Unexpected mail

After a fun filled weekend celebrating my birthday with family, Harper and I headed home today. We had such a good time seeing my nieces and nephew. Harper definitely got some good play time in!

When we came home, we had a stack of mail waiting for us. Not that I don’t think of Brynn often, but somehow it’s harder when someone or something else reminds me of losing her. We just received an invitation from the hospital to attend “the annual perinatal loss and memorial service and reception”.

I think I want to go. But M isnt sure he wants to because he’s sensitive to the fact that we do have a healthy baby with us. He also doesn’t know how he feels about talking about things in a group with strangers.

I’m having a hard time with balancing that out- I want to make sure we always remember her but not crying while thinking about her. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough to remember her.

How do you find peace with your loss? I wonder if that is something that only comes with time?