We May Be Crazy

Thankfully we had some embryos that made it to day 5. Two were beginning to expand and one was still compacted. Since the three top runners weren’t blastocysts, Dr. L couldn’t grade them.

He told us that there were some fragmenting issues and problems with cell division after day 2. Not really news you want to hear. His tone was serious and said at this stage he wanted to be a little more aggressive and suggested we consider transferring all 3.

There was not a moment of hesitation for me. Do it.

Dr. L said our risk of triplets is pretty low and overall chance of success is right around 40% this time.

I hope that my three little bubs are fighters!! M and I joked in the elevator and told the trips to hatch and latch ūüôā

Here are the trips- any experienced IVFs want to “grade” them?



Day 3 Fertilization Report- Bummed. That Is All.

I am looking at my results and saying WTF.

4 embryos didn’t change at all from yesterday
1 three cell
1 four cell
3 five cells
3 six cells

I haven’t talked to Dr. L but Dr. Google tells me 6-10 cells is ideal on Day 3.¬† I am worried this cycle is another bust.

From a Future Uncle

I usually don’t post twice in one day but I wanted to share this.

My¬†baby brother, Dan,¬†amazes me.¬† For years he struggled with addiction. I was constantly worried about his safety as well as physical and mental health.¬† But with the right people by his side and by his own determination he managed to turn his life around.¬† Today, he has his hands full between a full time job, two kids under the age of 2, and is in the midst of buying a house. I’ve never seen¬†the kid¬†happier.

Even though there is a 5 year age difference, we’ve always have been close and had a special bond. Case in point…

Example #1-¬†During¬†a family trip to Vegas¬†(crazy, I know) Dan and I were determined to stay up all night gambling and drinking. One by one everyone else¬†went to bed. Around 6am, one of us came up with the brilliant idea to go¬†to our parent’s room and wake them up to get breakfast. See, my dad is notorious for waking up at the butt crack of dawn and insisting that we get breakfast. So this was payback! Surprisingly, even after looking at us and smelling the booze,¬†my dad got dressed and the three of us went off in search of breakfast. About 10 minutes into the meal, I looked at Dan and told him¬†I couldn’t do it, I needed to sleep. He looked at me and said “Pull yourself together! You can sleep later”.

Example #2- During one Thanksgiving break, Dan and I decided to stay up late and play some drinking games. ( You guys see a trend here?) For some stupid reason, I was determined to show Dan that I could go one for one with him. Many, many, many beers later, we passed out. The next morning I needed to catch my train home,¬†so my Dad drove me to the train station.¬† I needed to keep my head out the window (like a dog) to keep from puking. We finally get to the train station and I found the closest¬† trash can and vomited. My dad just said “You know you really shouldn’t try to keep up with your brother”.

Example #3-  Dan has been checking in on me to see how things are going with round 2 of IVF.  Even though he is a guy with no IF background, somehow he manages make me feel better about it all. This is from earlier today: photo

So, Dan if you are reading this- thank you for being you! My future babies are going to have a kick ass uncle.

Take 2- Fertilization Report- Day 2

I had to wait until 1:30pm to get an update! Ugh. I feel like since I’ve gone through this once before my clinic is a little less hands on. I know right now everything is out of my control, as well as the staff’s, but I’d still like some updates before noon!

Anyway, here is the latest. :

2 one cells (arrested)
3 two cells
2 three cells
2 four cells
1 five cells
1 seven cells
1 eight cells

The nurse said overall the quality looked good with little to no fragmenting. I will get a call tomorrow with the grading, as well as my transfer time on Sunday (day 5 transfer). What was weird is that my nurse had a really nice positive tone to her voice. If you remember, I am pretty sure she doesn’t like me. But I will take that as a good sign.

I am still sore and bloated, but at least sitting is less uncomfortable. Walking, laying on my back or having a full bladder is a different story.

As far as my emotional/mental state- I am much more calm and grounded this time. I don’t know if it’s self preservation mode or what. I want this to work, but I can not get too hopeful or put myself in a position to be devastated again. I know that a top grade blastocyst and a 60% chance of success means absolutely nothing.

I found this quote and hope to remember it through the TWW to help keep me sane

9-26-2013 2-57-41 PM

A Dozen Eggs

Yesterday morning was the big reveal. Things went much smoother than last time. M and I didn’t fight on the way up, the¬†anesthesiologist didn’t butcher my arm, and I didn’t shed any anesthesia tears.

When I woke up, M was sitting next to me. It took me a few minutes to come around, by then the nurse came in and let us know we got 16 eggs. I was bummed. I know what a jerk this makes me sound like. I guess since we were told 28 follies, I was expecting more.  The nurse gave me some pain meds through the IV and I popped a hydrocodone.

I got dressed and we headed home.  After I ate,  I napped for about 3 hours before being woken up by pain. I was pretty much useless and laid around all day.

I decided to work from home today because I am still pretty sore and am not walking normally. ¬†Dr. L called nice and early as he typically does to check in. He asked how I was feeling so I told him I am much more sore this time around. He said well that’s probably because ¬†we had some great numbers. Out of our 16 eggs, 14 were mature and 12 fertilized normally. I am so happy!! This is an improvement from last time-I hope that this means it will be a successful cycle!