Fertilization Report- Day 3

I don’t know how other women manage to work or get sleep when going through an IVF cycle.

I am nervous, excited and scared. All I can think about is how our embryos are doing!!

Thankfully, Dr. L called nice and early this morning to help ease my mind. All 9 embryos have survived another night. Whew! Out of those 9, it looks like we have 6 that are of a top grade.

2 nine cell embryos
3 eight cell embryos
2 seven cell embryos
1 six cell embryo
1 eleven cell embryo (this little overachiever needs to slow down! )

Dr. L said that they liked to see between 6-10 cells at this stage, so we seems to be progressing at a good rate. I know that it would be very rare for all 9 to make it to the blastocyst stage and it’s sorta like the survival of the fittest, but I am attached to all 9 of them!  M and I made (ok, with the help of science) these nine beautiful embryos and they are the closest things that we have to being parents.  It’s actually sorta of cute how involved M is now. After this morning’s call, he gave me a high five and said “good job”.  He’s been all smiles about being able to field a baseball team.

Unfortunately, we won’t get any more updates until we go in for the ET on Wednesday. Dr. L asked if we were leaning towards transferring one or two. I think we are leaning towards two (should we be so lucky) but I am trying not to get ahead of ourselves.

Wishing the next 48 hours would fly by and our baseball team continues to show progress.


4 thoughts on “Fertilization Report- Day 3

  1. This looks great! I’m surprised your doctor asked you how many you were leaning towards transferring. I just got my Day 1 fertilization report back and my doctor is already pushing just transferring 1.

    I am wishing you the best of luck and can’t wait to see the update tomorrow after your ET.

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